16 facts about India you probably never knew about

16 facts about India you probably never knew about

In 2019, before the impact of the pandemic, India had about 10 million foreign tourists visits his country. This unique country is full of facts ranging from world records to inexplicable phenomena.

These diverse facts about India will help you better understand its culture and people. Read on for 16 Incredible Facts About India You Probably Never Knew!

Interesting facts about India

Interesting Facts About India Red Fort

India is such a diverse country. With a huge population, varied landscapes, and bustling cities, it is one of those places that you have to visit more than once. This country is constantly changing and that’s one of the reasons we find it so exciting. Dive into these cool and fun facts about a country that should be on your bucket list.

1. Many mosques and Hindu temples

India has many temples and mosques like this Jain temple

With almost 80% of the Indian population practicing Hinduism, you can find their temples almost everywhere. There are over two million Hindu temples across the country. The holy city of Varanasi alone is home to 23,000 temples.

Islam is another prominent religion that is widely practiced, with 15% of the population being Muslim. Mosques can be small or famously large and can be found across the country.

2. Holy cows

Facts About India The cows are sacred

In Hinduism, it is believed that cows are sacred beings. In India, cattle are sacred by what protects them from the Constitution. Killing or selling a cow is illegal and can be lead to life imprisonment.

In West Bengal, cows are required to have photo identification, which makes this one of the most surprising facts about India. You will be given a pass to combat the cattle trade from West Bengal to Bangladesh. More recently, the discovery of a cow smuggling tunnel led to widespread crackdown on the safety of cattle.

3. First diamonds mined

One of the most historical facts about India is that it was the first and only country to mine and produce diamonds. Mining goes back to the 4th century BC. BC and lasted about 1,000 years before others started mining.

The first diamonds found in India come from the Krishna Delta. Diamond discoveries later appeared in Brazil and South Africa, enriching the diamond market.

4. Different languages

India facts 22 different languages ​​in India

India recognizes Hindi and English as official languages. However, they also recognize 20 other languages ​​spoken across the country. Some of these languages ​​include:

  • Santali
  • cashmere
  • Bengali
  • Tamil
  • Urdu

India is just behind the United States and is the second largest English-speaking country. The “mother of all languages” is considered Sanskrit, which is practiced by less than 1% of Indians today.

5. North Sentinel Island

North Sentinel Island is home to the Sentinelese, an indigenous people of India. The Sentinelese prefer to be left alone and do not want to be bothered by foreigners. You have even violently defended yourself against outsiders in the past.

These reasons make this island one of the few remaining places that are untouched by the outside world. The government has banned anyone from walking within three miles of North Sentinel Island.

6. Second largest population

Facts about India it has the second largest population

China has the largest population in the world with 1.398 billion people. The second largest population is India with 1.37 billion people living in the country and growing daily. It is estimated that India will exceed China’s population by 2050, making it the most populous country on earth.

7. Mawsynram, Meghalaya

The meghalaya village of Mawsynram is the wettest inhabited place on earth. It has won the Guinness World Record for that title with about 11,873 milliliters of rain per year. This large amount of rainfall is due to its proximity to the Bay of Bengal.

In this area, the monsoon season lasts about six months, from June to September. During this time of year it can rain for days and flooding is almost always inevitable.

8. Large spice production

India has the greatest fact in spice production

One of the most surprising facts about India is that it holds the title for making most of the spices in the world. About 70% of the world’s spices come from India. The country then sends them to restaurants, kitchens and shops around the world.

Most of the spices in your pantry most likely come from India. The most popular of these spices are cumin, saffron, turmeric, and a variety of chili powders.

9. Most vegetarians

Facts About India Largest Vegetarian Population

India has the largest vegetarian population in the world. For religious or personal reasons, 20-40% of Indians do not eat meat. Hinduism and Jainism are two of the major religions that practice vegetarianism in India.

Many others choose to eat only fish instead of land animals. Vegetarianism is so widespread that many restaurant chains offer special vegetarian menus for their guests.

The gates of Mumbai, India

The Bandra-Worli Sea Link is a cable bridge that connects the western suburbs of Mumbai with southern Mumbai. It is an eight lane highway that is 3.5 miles long, 66 feet wide, and 413 feet high. Upon completion in 2010, the reveal showed that 90,000 tons of cement were required to build.

The entire weight is carried by considerable steel cables that hold their share, around 900 tons. A fun fact about these cables is that if they were strung together they could wrap around the earth.

11. The largest family in the world

Ziona, leader of Lalpa Kohhran Thar, was the head of the most prominent family in the world. He practiced polygamy and lived in Mizoram, India. Ziona died this year on June 13, 2021 at the age of 75.

He had 39 wives with whom he fathered 94 children. With all relatives from these marriages, he had a total of 181 family members. The whole family lived in a four-story apartment building in Mizoram, which makes it a popular tourist attraction in India.

This unique family learned to sustain themselves by growing their crops, teaching their children, raising livestock, and making supplies.

12. Amritsar Golden Temple

Facts about India Amritsar Golden Temple

The Golden Temple of Amritsar is located in Amritsar, Punjab and is the most sacred site of the Sikhism religion. It is a central religious place for the Sikhs, symbolizing equality and brotherhood for the country.

This temple is widely known as a place of compassion and generosity for its visitors. Up to 100,000 people receive free food from the temple every day. No matter what race or religion you practice, you are welcome to join the meal.

13. Largest milk producer

Facts About India Largest Milk Producer

Among the many cool facts about India is that it also holds the title of the largest milk producer in the world. For the past six years, the production grew by 35.61%. That growth has resulted in 198.4 million tons of milk from 2019 to 2020.

The government has even overseen specific measures to increase milk and livestock production to ensure it remains the number one producer. The country’s producing states include Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh.

14. Lonar Lake

In the state of Maharashtra is the Lonar Lake, a notified National Geo-Heritage Monument. It was formed about 52,000 years ago when a meteor struck in its place. This unusual lake is one of 4 hyperspeed craters that were formed in basalt rock.

Its size is 3,900 feet in diameter and 449 feet deep. Lonar Lake’s water is both salty and alkaline, which makes it unique. Extensive research has been carried out on this lake to investigate its various properties and aspects.

15. Temple of the Rats

Rat Temple Karni Mata India

Among the countless temples in India is the Rat Temple in Bikaner, Rajasthan. The Karni Mata rat temple is dedicated to the 25,000 rats that inhabit it. Lots of people flock to see this unique attraction for entertainment, but pilgrims come daily for religious reasons.

The worship of rats dates back to the 15th century in India for reincarnation purposes. Members of the Depavats family feed and groom the rats that live in the temple on a daily basis.

Be respectful of religious people and their beliefs when you visit. For optimal visibility of the rats, it is best to visit late at night or early before sunrise when they are most active.

16. Magnetic hill

One of the most unique Indian facts is related to Magnetic Hill, which is 30km from the city of Leh. This hill is a popular attraction for locals and tourists who want to experience the confusing phenomenon.

The hill appears to have an incline that allows you to drive “uphill” while your car is neutral. There are signs along the slope to give you the correct instructions on how to experience this wonder.

As impressive as this Magnetic Hill sounds, it’s an optical illusion sculpted from the landscape. It occurs because the horizon is blocked, which makes it difficult to distinguish between slopes. There are also no flat surfaces to compare optically from top to bottom.

Students at the Rajasthan Institute of Engineering and Technology tested this theory and found that the magnetic forces weren’t strong enough to pull anything uphill. Canada has a magnetic hill that you can visit in New Brunswick.

The Most Interesting Facts About India!

The most interesting facts about India

Here are a few quick facts about India that you should take away with you

  • India has the highest motorable highway in the world – Ladakh Road is 5882 meters (19,300 feet) high
  • With 3,287,263 square kilometers, India is the seventh largest country in the world
  • The board game snakes and ladders has its origins in India. It is an ancient game originally called Moksha Patam. was known

All of these facts about India make the country even more interesting and you can see why so many people come here every year. If you are ever interested in traveling to India, hopefully these facts will help you prepare for your trip.

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