10 Breathtaking Outfits That Stole the Show at Burning Man 2022 – EDM.com

10 Breathtaking Outfits That Stole the Show at Burning Man 2022 – EDM.com

Ah Burning Man, a community-based event like none other.

Since 2004, the Burning Man Project has been guided by 10 principles, among them “Radical Self-expression.” Altogether, these guidelines are a gentle reminder of what the Burn is all about: letting your imagination run amok on the playa.

And it’s here where some of the most mesmerizing adornments come to fruition. While some may say that high-fashion has no place at Burning Man due to its overarching dedication to civic responsibility, fashion is arguably the highest form of self-expression.

Year after year, roughly 80,000 people gather in Black Rock City in the Nevada desert. And it’s fascinating to bear witness to how each Burner shows up and, well, dresses up.

In no particular order, here are the best outfits we’ve seen from Burning Man 2022, which ran from August 28th to September 5th. 

Colorful Kat Kelly

Touching on the principle of Radical Inclusion as well as Radical Self-expression, this outfit worn by business owner and self-professed adrenaline junkie, Kat Kelly, certainly made a statement.

Kelly rocked a multicolored outfit, proudly representing the colurs of the rainbow with emphasis on promoting LGBT pride. She wore a matching two-piece with a chocker and sleeves, as well as rainbow lens heart googles to accessorize. 

Animal-like Ana Ramiela 

Opting for a monochromatic look, NLP Practitioner and Breathwork Facilitator Ana Ramiela shines in all-white. While the clothing is minimalistic—selecting a fitted bodysuit with flattering cut outs, knee high socks and combat boots—Ramiela’s look stands out due to her choice of adornments.

She layered on silver glitter to accentuate her face, chest and legs, then topped off the look with a stunning crown. But not just any crown—she unleashes her inner wild woman by strutting ram horns and roses which symbolize determination, strength and leadership.

NPC Sam Baxter 

Inspired by the iconic Mortal Kombat 11 franchise, Certified Fitness Trainer Sam Baxter went for a different look. Harkening to the aesthetic of Mortal Kombat‘s badass Jade and Kitana characters, she glammed up her look by wearing pieces with sequins.

The mask, flared shoulder pads and hood really tie it all together. Not to mention the impressive high kick in her dusty combat boots.

Power Couple Vylana and Aubrey Marcus

As individuals, these two humans are powerful. Together, they’re unstoppable.

Podcast host and co-founder of Onnit—a total human optimization program—Aubrey Marcus is all about the promotion of Radical Self-reliance. And his wife, Vylana, is a Sound Alchemist who gives the gift of her voice as a nervous system regulator. Adorned with crystals, combat boots, fur coats and more, these two emphatically embodied Burning Man’s principles during their 2022 pilgrimage.

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The Empress Carolina Minchetti

Since 2019, stylist Carolina Minchetti has created outfits that relate to tarot cards, which she says “have this mystical and energetic meaning that only supreme forces can explain.”

This year, Minchetti choose six cards, starting with The Empress. She focused on femininity and beauty, dressing in all red. The top and bottom of the costume are detailed with a gold glitter to match her orb (in hand). She also got creative with the details atop her red googles, making it look like a crown.

Burner Tawny Janae

To beat the heat in the daytime, less is more. Traveling yoga teacher and Alo Moves instructor Tawny Janae was seen wearing black fishnet stockings, arm warmers, a scarf and a tie top.

What stands out here—aside from the flamethrower—is Janae’s stunning, knee-high reflective gold combat boots with pockets, as well as her beautifully braided Burner hairstyle.

Expressive Paris Sinclair

Embodying the principle of Radical Self-expression, entrepreneur Paris Sinclair did not disappoint. Her black and red Burning Man look has many layers to it. On the base, she begins with red lace bottoms and a matching corset top. Then, a cage-like skirt is added along with a utility belt for safekeeping of her essentials.

Then on the top, she adorns the corset with a beaded black ribcage type of decor. Naturally, Sinclair’s hair is done up red and black as well, and she has a small red fascinator, lace parasol, gloves and knee-high boots too.

“Nothing makes me happier than putting in the effort of planning, detailing, and confidently rocking every outfit I put together!” Sinclair said. “I do this for me, my own happiness, to be able to fully express myself as my own canvas for wearable art.”

Jaw-Dropping Jessica Allen

It’s all in the details for this one. Fashion model Jessica Allen wore a rather unique bikini made up of small metal triangles fashioned together. Allen paired the suit with two white leather garters around her legs and one on her natural waistline, all connected by circular opaque beads.

The intricate beading splays atop Allen’s abs, over her shoulders and across her face. A metallic shawl lays over the top of her head and is fastened down by holographic googles. And how could we forget that next-level choker?

High-Flying Thaylise Ferreira

Content creator Thaylise Ferreira stunned in this astonishing red getup. It’s easy to get distracted by the frills under arms—which resemble wings—but taking a closer look, you’ll notice that the outfit is woven together by a red string and is embellished with gold chains.

The bird theme is accentuated by Ferreira’s headpiece, which features crimson feathers and gold metal accents. Her mega-platform boots are also a nice touch. 

Playa Princess

Last, but certainly not least, is a baby Burner dubbed the “Playa Princess.” Small yet mighty, 14-month-old Nilu rocked a plush unicorn onesie on the playa.

With a free flowing pigtail directly on the top of her head and pink earmuffs to protect her ears, Nilu stole the show as she caught the sunrise with her family at Mayan Warrior. 

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