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Woman receives more than 1,000 checks in the mail | Investigations

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) — Mary Mouammar has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in cashier’s checks since May. So what’s the problem?

For one thing, they’re not made out to Mouammar. They’re fraudulent.

Mouammar did not fall for the scam, but she’s a victim anyway. The scammers spoofed Mary’s address to cover their tracks. So when the checks couldn’t be delivered to potential victims, the Post Office returned them to sender, flooding Mouammar’s mailbox.

Mouammar is also hearing from some people who received the checks. They looked her up online.

“People google me and call me,” Mary said. “They say the good Lord has blessed me, and I say no. It’s fake. It’s a fake check. It’s no good.”

The Better Business Bureau brought this story to us, with a warning for you.

“Be wary of when you receive a check in the mail for nothing,” said BBB Senior Vice President of Brand Development Mike Boynton.

Mouammar filed a police report. The police told her to burn the parcels. Instead of that, she’s been lugging bags of mail back to her post office.

“The post office just says keep bringing these to us,” said Mary. “I feel like the post office should put a red flag up and say all this goes in a barrel over here and not to Mary.”

Mary got her wish after Better Call Harry got involved. Harry reached out to the USPS. Going forward, it has agreed to turn over any of these returned parcels to the Postal Inspection Service. This resolution marks Better Call Harry’s 349th fix.

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