Why Disney Has an Early Streaming Lead

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Apple TV+ is launching today, to some pretty dismal early reviews. But Apple has the resources to eventually get the content right. A bigger question is: how many different streaming services do TV viewers want, at the end of the day, and how much are they willing to pay for them?

To find the answer, Fortune Analytics teamed up with Survey Monkey to poll a representative sample of 1,100 Americans on their streaming habits. Some takeaways:

  • 28% of Americans say they are prepared to subscribe to Disney+ ($6.99) or the Disney bundle. That number is only half–14%–for Apple TV+ ($4.99) and even less–8%–for NBC’s service.
  • 2 in 5 current users of Netflix, Hulu or Amazon say they are likely to subscribe to at least one of the new services.
  • 14% say they will cut their cable service when the new services become available. 11% say they will cut one of their existing video streaming services.

Bottom line: Disney has the clear early lead among the new services. Netflix and Hulu have the most to lose. And there is a limit to what Americans will pay: half say $25 is the most they are willing to spend on streaming services.

You can mine more data from Fortune Analytics here.

Separately, online education platform EdX promoted Adam Medros to president and co-CEO, along with founder Anant Agarwal. Medros was in the Fortune offices earlier this week, arguing his online education platform can play a critical role in providing skills to the underemployed, and also in helping all workers meet the need for lifelong education.

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