Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra Collabs with High School Brass Band on New Single, ‘Kaze no Profile’: Watch Video

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra collaborated with a high school brass band on the lead single from its upcoming 30th anniversary album, Tsugihagicolorful, due Wednesday (Nov. 20).

The single, called “Kaze no Profile,” features members of the Narashino High School brass band. The band accompanied the school’s baseball team to the spring national championships this year, and caught the attention of baseball fans across the country with its energetic and skillful cheerleading performance — coined “bibakuon,” meaning “beautiful roaring sound” — from the stands.

During these performances, the brass band played Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra’s “Paradise Has No Border” over and over, and the veteran band had sent the school a videotaped message encouraging the young musicians to keep up the good work.

When the demo of “Kaze no Profile” was completed for the album, the Ska Para members all agreed that it would be exciting to invite the high school band to perform on the new track. The school was more than happy to oblige.

A total of 66 seniors from the high school band performed on the single, and the accompanying music video features all 201 members of the school band from grades 10 through 12. The visuals were shot after school in the actual Narashino High School music room by Hidenobu Tanabe, who helmed the video for “Ribbon featuring Kazutoshi Sakurai from Mr. Children.”

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and the Narashino High School brass band appeared together on the popular music program Music Station on Nov. 8 and performed the track live on TV for the first time.

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