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‘Thousand Fell’ Toes the Line in Pursuit of Affordable Vegan Footwear

Chloe Songer and Stuart Ahlum, cofounders at sustainable footwear brand Thousand Fell, are not just immersed in the “upstart” world of circularity, they’re obsessed with it.
“Our main mission and goal is to make the circular economy easy,” said Songer, who added that while the brand is not fully circular — it’s far closer than most of the industry.
Starting off on the right foot for Thousand Fell, which launches today, involved diligence in research and openness to cross-industry collaboration.
Within minutes of sitting down with WWD, Songer and Ahlum started talking the dirty truths of the fashion and footwear industry.
“We see sustainability 1.0 as the beginning of supply chain transparency (e.g., Everlane); 2.0 we see is material innovation (e.g., Allbirds, Rothy’s), but 3.0 we really see is taking that material innovation and using it to design for circularity,” said Songer, as Ahlum agreed with an affirmative.

A dose of Gen Z optimism for Thousand Fell draws investors. 
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“Sustainability 3.0” at Thousand Fell begins and ends with product material, meaning the components are chosen for their end-of-life potential. The shoe (which is visually similar to that of Common Projects) is not leather but is the result of an 18-month material journey to design a

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