One Tree Hill Trivia About Brooke Davis

“A character who doesn’t love Brooke Davis…I wouldn’t even know how to write that.”

  1. Felix makes Brooke dine and dash, she spends part of the night in an open grave, and she kisses Peyton in order to win dare night.

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  2. Lucas wrote, “You’re mine forever.”

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  3. She tells Jamie that he’s old enough to pick out his own birthday present.

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  4. In the moment, Julian tells Brooke about a movie opportunity in New Zealand. So, Brooke lets the waves wash over the message and she doesn’t tell him about it.

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  5. The list included, “learn to speak French, watch every James Bond movie, climb K2, go into outer space, get drunk at Oktoberfest, go sky diving, and have a baby.”

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  6. Julian actually reads Brooke’s diary entry about wanting to just sit with her family before Brooke puts her diary in the boat during the Burning Boat Festival.

    Via The CW

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‘One Tree Hill’ Cast: Then and Now

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Hilarie Burton Fought for Sophia Bush Friendship on ‘One Tree Hill’

Sticking together. Ever since One Tree Hill began in 2003, Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush have been best friends. However, that didn’t always come easy.

“I thought the story line between Peyton and Brooke was the love story of the show. The love stories with all the boys, those were fun, those were important, but Sophia and I had to fight for our own friendship,” the Rural Diaries author, 37, revealed on the Wednesday, May 6, episode of the “Chicks in the Office” podcast. “A lot of people wanted to pit us against each other. You know, it’s like, ‘Oh, Hilarie won’t do this, but Sophia will,’ and ‘She’s the pretty one,’ and ‘She’s the this one.’ There’s so much comparison that, as a young person, it’s hard to navigate.”

Hilarie Burton Had to Fight for Sophia Bush Friendship on 'One Tree Hill': We Were the 'Love Story of the Show'
Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush. Dave Allocca/Starpix/Shutterstock

However, as time passed, she and the Chicago P.D. alum, 37, learned to shake that off. “She and I now can look back at it and be like, ‘All those bastards. No, no, no. We’re the love story,’” the White Collar alum said. “The female friendships were important on that show.”

Burton joined the series she was only 20 — Bush was seven days younger than her. “We literally turned 21 together, and just, like, had our first big break on this TV show and she and I hit it running,” she shared.

While promoting her new memoir, she also reflected on some of her favorite and least favorite story lines that her character, Peyton Sawyer, was given. One that stood out in the negative column was the “psycho Derek” story, in which Peyton had a stalker who attacked her multiple times.

Hilarie Burton Had to Fight for Sophia Bush Friendship on 'One Tree Hill': We Were the 'Love Story of the Show'
Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush. MediaPunch/Shutterstock; Jason Merritt/Radarpics/Shutterstock

“That story line is not one of my favorites. I remember being told as a young 24-year-old actress that, ‘The ratings and male viewership went up so much when you got punched in the face by a man,’ [and] ‘Boys like watching you get brutalized,’” the Friday Night In With the Morgans cohost recalled. “That was really upsetting to me that it was something that my bosses were celebrating. The actor that I was working with was so sensitive and so lovely and just a gentleman. So even when they brought him back to brutalize me all over again, I was just happy to see Matt [Barr].”

Burton recently opened up about her decision to speak out against creator Mark Schwahn. In the wake of the #MeToo movement in 2019, she, Bush and 16 other women who worked on the drama accused Schwahn of sexual misconduct in an open letter. She also detailed her personal claims against him in an in-depth interview. Afterward, she feared she’d never work again.

“I have this bad habit of saying what I think and that’s not always well received. So yeah, I still think it,” she told Us Weekly exclusively. “I hope that that’s not the case, but I don’t know. I don’t know how many jobs I’ve been up for that I didn’t get the call because they were like, ‘Hmm, that one. She’s trouble.’”

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What is Arbor Day? The meaning behind the tree holiday

Here’s a brief look at how this day of tree appreciation came to be.

The Latin word for tree is arbor. True to its name, Arbor Day celebrates the preservation and planting of trees.

Nebraska was the first state in the US to observe it as a formal holiday in 1872. However, the Arbor Day Foundation says “tree planting festivals are as old as civilization.”

In 1872, Julius Sterling Morton, a newspaper editor and former US secretary of agriculture, submitted a resolution to Nebraska’s State Board of Agriculture to set aside one day dedicated to planting trees. After the board passed the resolution, more than one million trees were planted on the first official celebration of the day on April 10, 1872.
In 1885, Nebraska moved the holiday to April 22 in honor of Morton’s birthday. The event eventually spread to all 50 states and other countries, including Australia, Brazil and Canada.

Nixon recognized it as a holiday

In 1972, former President Richard Nixon declared National Arbor Day to be celebrated on the last Friday in April. However, some states have designated different dates to ensure the trees are planted at the best time for growth.

“The planting of trees is an action that yields a long-range benefit on generations to come,” Nixon, who created the Environmental Protection Agency, wrote in his proclamation. “Arbor Day uniquely symbolizes the truth that the earth belongs to every generation, not just ours.”

Trees offer tons of benefits

The most effective way to tackle climate change? Plant 1 trillion trees

Morton and his wife sought to plant trees in Nebraska to increase the amount of shade from the hot prairie sun. Trees also served as windbreaks, fuel and building materials.

Today, trees provide wildlife habitat, erosion control and natural beauty, the Arbor Day Foundation says.

In addition, they offer huge benefits when it comes to absorbing atmospheric carbon dioxide, which is the main driver of climate change.

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‘One Tree Hill’ Cast Holds Epic Reunion

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Office Christmas tree leads to praying mantis infestation

NEW ORLEANS – George Bevan just wanted to add a little holiday cheer to his office, but he ended up with a praying mantis infestation courtesy of his Christmas tree.

Bevan set up the tiny tree, which stood about three feet tall, on a counter in his office at the Audubon Nature Institute, where he works as an EMT.

On December 26, Bevan was in his office when he started to notice small insects crawling around.

“I was heating up some food and noticed several of these critters crawling around on our call log sheet,” Bevan said. “I asked my supervisor to come take a look at it and that’s when we realized hundreds were crawling all over the tree and the walls.”

Praying mantises are known to lay eggs in a variety of trees, some of which are commonly used for Christmas trees.

Under the right conditions, praying mantis babies will hatch and emerge from their egg sacs just in time for the holidays.

“I had no idea that this was a thing since I’ve always had an artificial tree in my house,” Bevan said.

Fortunately for the little critters, Bevan works for the Audubon Nature Institute, so he knew exactly who to call to safely remove the infestation without having to resort to insecticide.

“After calling around to figure out the best way to remove them, we were able to get some animal staff employees to come and help,” he said.

Two Audubon Zoo employees who work in the Louisiana Swamp exhibit soon arrived and painstakingly began collecting the bugs in jars.

“There were unfortunately a handful that did not make it, but most of the mantises were relocated,” Bevans said.

The baby praying mantises were sent to the Audubon Insectarium, a happy ending to one of the most unlikely stories to come out of this Christmas season.

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Pollard’s Riversbend Farm tree lot donates unsold trees to families in need

LAFAYETTE — When it comes to Christmas, we donate food and toys to the needy, but one Christmas necessity can be harder to come by – the perfect tree.

According to the

National Christmas Tree Association,

in 2018 the average cost for a real tree was $78.00 and for an artificial one, $104.00. Several national organizations try to help relieve families of these cost, but groups like

The Christmas Tree Project

receive 17,000 requests and are unable to fulfill them all.

Days away from Christmas, several families in Acadiana are at home tonight decorating their real Christmas tree after

Pollard’s Riversbend Farm

donated some fresh holiday cheer. All day Saturday families visited the lot and searched for the perfect tree.

It didn’t take 4-year-old Bryce Brasket very long to find the one. He and his mother Khouri Frisch walked through rows of trees, smelling and touching each one.

“It’s a really good one, I think we’re going to come back and do it next year,” Frisch said.

After being laid off and recently re-entering the job force, having a tree isn’t something Frisch was sure would happen.

“It’s been a really hard process getting back into the job force, but we finally got a decent job, so we started back up,” Frisch explained.

Soon their new tree will light up their living room, something Frisch is looking forward to.

“We got one step down,” added Frisch, “That was the biggest thing, we didn’t have a tree. Christmas isn’t the same without a tree.”

Pollard’s is closing for the season this weekend. The trees that didn’t make it into a home will go to the

Cameron Parish Shoreline Restoration project.

which is eroding at a rate 5 to 30 feet per year. The trees will

help slow the erosion process.

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St. Clair Shores boy caught fixing neighbor’s Christmas tree on porch camera

ST. CLAIR SHORES, Mich. (WXYZ) — A St. Clair Shores boy is spreading joy this holiday after his act of kindness was caught on camera.

Semaj Alexander, 10, has a outgoing personality and is an avid car enthusiast.

“When I’m 21 or 19 I want a car, a Porsche GT3 RS,” he said.

The fifth-grader was walking home from school on Wednesday when he saw a neighbor’s Christmas tree tipped over on the porch.

“I stopped and I thought it would probably be nice if I stopped and fixed the tree for them,” Alexander said.

The act of pure kindness was caught on camera by a porch camera. Aimee Ryan was at work when a notification came through on her phone that someone was on the porch.

She was touched by the boy’s generosity and manners.

“It just made my heart happy,” Ryan said. “It’s such a wonderful thing to see such a genuine little boy do something out of his heart.”

Ryan’s family surprised Alexander with three tickets to the Lions vs. Packers game on Dec. 29. Alexander is taking his mother and father.

Ryan also gave him a gift card and posted the story on social media where it’s been shared hundreds of times and inspiring others to perform acts of kindness. Some post say Alexander should receive an award from the city.

His mother, Candice Krasnicki, said she saw the video and couldn’t believe it was her son.

“I’m very proud,” Krasnicki told 7 Action News. “The things that I instilled in him, he uses it.”

Alexander credits his parents for teaching him to treat others with kindness and grace.

“I just want to say be kind,” Alexander said, “If something is broken, even it it’s not yours, fix it.”

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Hannah Brown’s ‘DWTS’ Trophy Is Under Her Christmas Tree

Deck the halls with mirrorballs? Dancing With the Stars champion Hannah Brown has a special place for her Mirrorball trophy this holiday season.

The former Bachelorette moved recently, so she doesn’t have much furniture, but thanks to her mom she does have a prime spot to display her DWTS trophy.

“My mom was cleaning up my place, she was here, and I woke up and my Mirrorball was under my Christmas tree,” Brown, 25, told Us Weekly exclusively at the Dancing With the Stars – Live Tour 2020 rehearsals on Monday, December 16, in Hollywood. “I don’t have any other furniture, but I do have a Christmas tree that my mom helped me put up.”

Hannah Brown Dancing With The Stars Mirror Ball Trophy
Hannah Brown poses with the Mirrorball trophy on ‘Dancing With The Stars.; ABC/Eric McCandless

The former Miss Alabama, who won season 28 of the dancing completion show on November 25, won’t always have her Christmas tree to store her trophy under, but she has a plan for its future.

“So right now it’s randomly right there, but once I get all of, like, my living room furniture, maybe I’ll put it up somewhere, you know, like a display of it but not too much,” she told Us. “I want it to kind of, I mean I don’t know if the Mirrorball trophy can blend in any way, but I’ll try to, like, put it in so that it’s aesthetically pleasing.”

As the Alabama native prepares for the upcoming Dancing With the Stars Live Tour 2020, which kicks off on January 9, 2020, in Virginia, she is taking a little time to reflect on what this whirlwind year has meant to her.

Hannah Brown Dancing With The Stars Mirror Ball Trophy
Hannah Brown attends KIIS-FM iHeartRadio Jingle Ball at The Forum on December 6, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. AFF-USA/Shutterstock

“This season of my life has definitely had times where I felt like I’ve lost and it hasn’t been what I thought,” she told Us on Monday. “But overall, the end of this season going into the year 2020, I feel like it was, like, symbolic of actually being a win.”

Brown is grateful for her time on the dancing series and is “really excited about what this year has to bring.”

“Of course [my partner] Alan [Bersten] helped me so much, but even just, like, the little times where the girls, the other professionals, would help me or encouraged me and made sure that I felt comfortable,” she said, reflecting on her time on DWTS. “It was just a great experience and one I’m really thankful for. And to be able to have, you know, the Mirrorball and be the champion is just like truly the cherry on top.”

With reporting by Kayley Stumpe

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Florida family finds cat they lost at Christmas tree farm in Raleigh ::

— A Bradenton, Florida family says they’re grateful to the Raleigh community after kind strangers helped them find their cat, which they lost while stopping to buy a Christmas tree on Tuesday.

Alexis Anderson said she and her husband were driving from New York to their home in Florida on Tuesday, Dec. 10, when they stopped at Boyce Christmas Tree Farms on Mt. Vernon Church Road in Raleigh.

According to Anderson, Lindy, their beloved tabby cat, escaped when her husband opened the car door. Anderson said Lindy was spooked when the Christmas tree was tied to the top of their car.

No one caught Lindy in time, so Anderson quickly emailed local news stations and created “lost cat” flyers to hang in the area.

“We were so distraught,” Anderson said. “We did everything to find her.”

Anderson visited a nearby Office Depot to print the flyers, which featured her phone number and a photo of Lindy. She said the staff didn’t even charge her for the prints when they heard her sad story.

“People were just so amazing — we would have never found her without them,” Anderson said.

The initial search for their pet was unsuccessful, and to Anderson’s dismay, it was soon time to resume the 11-hour drive home — without Lindy. “We were crying as we started our drive home,” Anderson said.

But 90 minutes into their trip, the Andersons got a phone call — someone found Lindy! “When we got the call we immediately pulled off the road,” she said.

According to Anderson, someone who lived in the Six Forks Station apartments found Lindy. They called a local animal shelter, and since Lindy was microchipped, the shelter quickly identified the Andersons.

“A resident on the second floor said that they noticed her in a corner and knew it was someone’s cat because she looked scared,” Anderson said. “When he came back she was still there, so he called the apartment office, and the rest is history. We never met the actual person but we did bless him for finding her.”

Anderson and her husband want to thank the man who found Lindy, the shelter, everyone on Facebook who shared the news and the Office Depot employees.

“This is truly a Christmas miracle,” she told WRAL News. “I have to say thank you to everyone on Facebook and the shelters and just all the people of Raleigh who reached out to us to help us find her. What an amazing community you have.”

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