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Agawam residents vote against bringing pot shops into city

AGAWAM, Mass. (WWLP) – The voters have spoken, and the Agawam City Council is implementing their wishes. 

Once the city’s temporary moratorium on marijuana sales runs out, a full-on ban will take hold. 

Agawam City Council President Christopher Johnson told 22News this newest vote falls in line with what voters in Agawam decided back when the state first approached the issue of recreational marijuana. Nearly two years after Massachusetts legalized recreational marijuana. 

After nearly two years of a city implemented a temporary moratorium on the sale of recreational marijuana, Agawam voters decided to stay the course, which means no pot shops in Agawam. 

The ban was set to expire at the end of December. If the city didn’t act before then, come January 1, it would become legal to operate a recreational marijuana dispensary within town limits. 

The city council decided to let voters decide on how to proceed. The end result, a nearly 60-40 vote margin – against allowing recreational pot sales in Agawam. 

“So, we have two ordinances on our agenda tonight,” Johnson said. “One to allow it. One not to allow it.  So, we’ll vote off the one to allow it and we’ll proceed with the one not to allow it.” 

Johnson added that the ban only applies to pot sales in town, not marijuana cultivation, a bridge they’ll cross when it comes along. He said, “At this point, we haven’t been approached by anybody on the cultivation end.” 

So, it’s basically a done deal. But there are some formalities that the council must run through, which will happen at their next few meetings on December 2 and 16. 

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