Karlie Kloss Confirmed She’s Pregnant With A Video

News of Karlie Kloss being pregnant bubbled up late last month, but it wasn’t until today that the model officially confirmed it herself.

Karlie gave the first look at her baby bump with a video on Instagram.

“Good morning baby ♥️,” Karlie wrote in the caption, adding in the video, “Hello baby,” as she zoomed in on her growing stomach.

This will be the first child for Karlie and her husband Josh Kushner (as in Jared Kushner’s brother).

A little more than a couple weeks ago, a source close to the couple told People that “Karlie is overjoyed to be expecting her first child in 2021. She will be the most amazing mother.”

While Karlie is only officially announcing the news herself now, she was posting what some fans took as hints that she’s pregnant. There was this photo with a strategically positioned purse:

And this video of her enjoying a cozy nap:

Congrats to the mama to be!

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Demi Lovato On What She’s Learned Since Max Ehrich Split

“It’s been such a roller coaster.”

The singer reflected on putting certain career plans on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. “It’s been such a roller coaster,” she said. “I mean, honestly, for me, the beginning of the year started out, I was on this trajectory to have a pretty eventful career.”

“I was planning my comeback, releasing an album, and honestly, what I can say is thank God that I didn’t release the album when I wanted to because I had so much to experience.”

In addition to talking about music, Demi spoke about some personal lessons she’s learned: “I think the most important thing that I’ve learned is how much I am OK with myself and loving myself,” she said. “It wasn’t until this year that I really started exploring the things that bring joy to my life in little ways.”

She also shared why she chose to release her song “Still Have Me” so soon after the breakup:

“When I write my songs, when I go to the studio and record them, it’s a very cathartic and therapeutic experience for me. And so, anytime I go thorough something, especially when I don’t say things publicly or comment on certain situations, I just let my music comment on it.”

Looking ahead, Demi expressed gratitude for being able to participate in a big event this Sunday — hosting the People’s Choice Awards. “I’m so glad that I’ll be on a stage at all this year.”

CBS Photo Archive / Getty Images

“I count my blessings every day that I’ve been able to stay safe when that hasn’t been the case for a lot of people. So, my biggest pinch-me [moment] is just being alive on a stage.”

Well, I’m loving Demi’s message on finding joy and self-love, and I’m wishing her all the best for what’s to come.

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Taylor Swift Reveals Reason She’s Made Music Under a Pseudonym

There’s a reason for everything! Taylor Swift (finally) revealed why she has chosen to use her pseudonym Nils Sjöberg to make music.

In a discussion with Sir Paul McCartney for Rolling Stone, the “Cardigan” singer came clean about her double life as a songwriter by explaining why pseudonyms can be useful to musicians.

“I think when a pseudonym comes in is when you still have a love for making the work, and you don’t want the work to become overshadowed by this thing that’s been built around you, based on what people know about you,” the 30-year-old Grammy winner said in the interview published on Friday, November 13. “And that’s when it’s really fun to create fake names and write under them.”

Taylor Swift attends the MTV VMAs in Newark on August 26, 2019. Kristina Bumphrey/StarPix/Shutterstock

The former Beatles member, 78, then asked Swift whether she’s ever used a pseudonym, to which she replied, “Oh, yeah.” From there, McCartney questioned whether it was “a widely known fact” that the Pennsylvania native had.

“I think it is now, but it wasn’t,” she continued. “I wrote under the name Nils Sjöberg because those are two of the most popular names of Swedish males. I wrote this song called ‘This Is What You Came For’ that Rihanna ended up singing. And nobody knew for a while.”

Swift added, “I remembered always hearing that when Prince wrote ‘Manic Monday,’ they didn’t reveal it for a couple of months.”

The English icon applauded Swift’s choice by sharing that he has also used a pseudonym to work on music. “Yeah, it also proves you can do something without the fame tag. I did something for Peter and Gordon; my girlfriend’s brother and his mate were in a band called Peter and Gordon. And I used to write under the name Bernard Webb,” he said.

Swift first used the faux moniker while working on ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris’ EDM track “This Is What You Came For” in 2016 before their split was announced that year. Though it had initially been a secret, the “Shake It Off” singer’s rep confirmed her involvement on the song months after its release.

The Scottish DJ, 36, later revealed that Swift also “sings on a little bit of it too,” but he didn’t specify where her vocals appear. “Amazing lyric writer and she smashed it as usual,” he tweeted at the time. “I wrote the music, produced the song, arranged it and cut the vocals though. And initially she wanted it kept secret, hence the pseudonym.”

Earlier this year, Swift produced a cover of her 2017 single “Look What You Made Me Do” under her Swedish-inspired pseudonym for Killing Eve. The rendition was recorded by a nonexistent band called Jack Leopards & The Dolphin Club. Swifties quickly theorized that the Cats actress, her brother, Austin Swift, and Jack Antonoff — who is also listed as a producer on the song — were behind the band’s creation.

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Cori Bush says she’s not here for feelings or protecting political seats

Bush told Reid not everyone shares her set of priorities, but that it’s not damaging her relationships with her peers. “I have a relationship with all of the people on the caucus. A lot of them that are saying that this was hurtful, but what’s hurtful for me is the people in my community dying,” Bush said. “What’s hurtful is St. Louis being No. 1 for police killings since 2013, for six years straight, according to some research.”

St. Louis had the most shootings per capita, according to a 2017 Vice News analysis of data from 50 of the nation’s largest police departments. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch listed 30 police shootings in the St. Louis area this year alone.

“I’m not trying to hurt anybody’s district or (prevent) anybody from keeping their seats,” Bush said. “I’m not looking at feelings though. I’m looking at life. I’m trying to save lives.”

In her interview with Reid, Bush weighed in on a diverse set of topics from Democratic political strategy to health care as President Donald Trump’s administration vigorously tries to snuff out former President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare reform effort, the Affordable Care Act, in a Supreme Court case. 

Get this: Republicans are actually attempting to argue that because Congress got rid of a penalty attached to the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that most Americans get health insurance, that the whole act should be struck down. Even the court’s conservative justices aren’t buying that one.

“So many children have been knocked off of the Medicaid rolls, and it’s been OK by our local government,” Bush said. The registered nurse added that millions of people in her state are going to be affected by the Supreme Court’s decision, including those with preexisting conditions. 

Missouri residents voted 53.3% to 46.7% to approve a constitutional amendment that will expand who is eligible for Medicaid. The expansion, which covers Missouri residents earning up to 133% of the federal poverty level, is an optional part of the Affordable Care Act for states, and the federal government pays for 90% of the costs. Bush said complaints that Medicaid is “a burden on our system” miss the mark. “When your family member shows up to the hospital, I don’t pay attention to what insurance they have. I make sure that your family member is taken care of.”

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The Georgia runoff is Jan. 5. Request an absentee ballot by Nov. 18. Early in-person voting starts Dec. 14. And REGISTER TO VOTE here by Dec. 7.

And give $3 right now to rip the Senate majority from Mitch McConnell’s cold dead hands.

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Adele Skepta Dating Rumors Swirl, Adele Says She’s “Single”

So, it looks like Adele isn’t dating UK rapper Skepta.

NBCU / Luke Walker / Stringer / Getty

“What prompted this?” I hear you (maybe) cry. Well, things took a turn earlier today when a “source close to Adele” confirmed to People that the pair were dating. Rumors of them as a couple started trending afresh on It was a lot.


However, the rumors have been around for well over a year now.

Enter Adele. She took to Instagram to thank the SNL team, following her recent night hosting. The caption was pretty cute — she even wished us, “Good luck with the election.”

However, there was one line that certainly stood out at the end: “I’m going back to my cave now to be the (single) cat lady that I am! Peace out til next year.”

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Whoopi Goldberg Says She’s In a Depression Over Trump And The Election (VIDEO)

Something strange is going on. People in the media are convinced that Joe Biden is going to win the election. They point to all the polls that were wrong in 2016 and cling to the belief that Trump will lose.

Yet they don’t behave like people who believe they are winning.

Take Whoopi Goldberg of The View.

She recently claimed that she’s in a depression over Trump.

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The Washington Examiner reports:

Whoopi Goldberg says she’s fallen into a ‘depression’ because of Trump: ‘Everything he says is pissing me off’

The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg said President Trump’s words on the campaign trail has caused her to sink into a “depression.”

“What is he talking about? I’m in a depression now, because of him. Every time I see him, he depresses me. Everything he says is pissing me off and depressing me,” Goldberg said on Monday on The View.

Goldberg was venting frustrations with Trump after showing a clip of him at a rally on Sunday, where he criticized the effect a Joe Biden presidency would have on America.

“If you vote for Biden, he will surrender your jobs to China. He will surrender your future to the virus,” Trump said in the clip. “He’s going to lock down, he’s gonna want us to lock down. He’ll listen to the scientists. If I listened totally to the scientists, we would, right now, have a country that would be in a massive depression, instead of, well, like a rocketship.”

Watch the video below:

Why is Whoopi so depressed?

Could it be because in her heart she knows that the polls are off just like they were four years ago and that there’s a very good chance that Trump is going to win again?

The left is not acting like Biden is going to win.

It’s very telling, isn’t it?

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NeNe Leakes Is Leaving ‘RHOA’: What She’s Said

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Dr. Suzanne Quardt Confronts “Biggest Mass” She’s Ever Seen

A larger-than-life lump.

A patient on Monday’s all-new Dr. 90210 is suffering from something that can only be described as “shocking”—even for a doctor who does it all like Dr. Suzanne Marie Quardt.

In this sneak peek, Dr. Quardt—who’s often referred to affectionately as Dr. Q—greets said patient and immediately spots his reason for coming in to see her: a giant lump on his face. But instead of making any assumptions, she tells the man to “start from the very beginning.”

“It started real small, just like a whitehead,” he says.

When, exactly? About six years ago.

“Holy shmoly. I’m just shocked,” Dr. Q expresses in a confessional. “This is the biggest mass that I have seen.”

She adds, “We need to help him!”

What’s more, according to the patient, the lump has “pretty much doubled in size every year.”

“Did anyone treat it or did you squeeze on it or anything at all?” Dr. Quardt then asks.  

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Gwyneth Paltrow Says She’s Saved All of Her Red Carpet Looks for Apple

Who wouldn’t want a gorgeous gown from Gwyneth Paltrow‘s closet? Well, it looks like her daughter Apple Martin is getting first dibs.   

During a recent interview with People the 47-year-old actress revealed she’s saved a ton of red carpet looks for her eldest child. “She loves to play in my closet,” the Oscar winner told the magazine. “I have saved everything for her since 15 years before I had her.”

Considering Apple is now 16 years old, that’s more than 30 years’ worth of clothes! “I save everything,” Paltrow continued. “Not everything, but every red carpet look I have saved for her.”

Although, the teen may not be getting every single show-stopping style. As followers will recall, Paltrow put the Calvin Klein dress she wore to the 2000 Oscars up for auction in April to raise money for the All In Challenge, which helps provide food to those in need.

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Jennifer Garner Responded To Troll Who Asked If She’s Pregnant

Updated 3 hours ago. Posted 19 hours ago

So, everyone knows Jennifer Garner. She’s legit one of the best actors ever and also seems like someone who I’d want to adopt me.

On top of being a premier actor, Jennifer is also a legend when it comes to posting farm content on Instagram.

Like, she really is adorable.

Well, on Friday, Jennifer posted this wholesome video of her family farm, introducing her nearly 10 million followers to her cows — Simon, Pete, Boaz, Pignut, Mistletoe, and Mayapple.

In the video, Jennifer is rocking overalls. Like, yes. Imagine slaying this hard in OVERALLS — couldn’t be me, ugh.

The Oscar winners loved it:

Yet someone actually had the nerve to ask this body-shaming question:

Luckily, Jennifer had the best response.

“I am 48, have three healthy kids, and am not — never will be — pregnant,” Jennifer said. “We can lay that that pupper to rest. Have I gained the Covid 19? Possibly, but that is another story.”

Ugh, I love her sense of humor and ability to clapback in the nicest way.

STILL — people need to not comment/critique/speculate on Jennifer’s or anyone’s body. Thanks!

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