Jaime Harrison Mocks “Sad” Lindsey Graham for Ducking Latest Debate

There are a lot of things going wrong for Lindsey Graham right now. The South Carolina senator has been getting crushed fundraising wise and has taken to regularly begging for donations on Fox News.

Graham is also up against a really tough challenger in Jaime Harrison. And Harrison has been getting under the senator’s skin in the worst way.  The democratic challenger when viral during their first debate when he brought his own plexiglass divider.

The men were set to debate again tonight. Graham decided not to participate. The incumbent senator has decided that it is more important to be in Washington DC to concentrate on the Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court nomination process.

Harrison wasn’t about the let Graham live the decision down. He told SiriusXM’s Laura Coates:

“This is probably the most historic Senate race in the history of this state, and to have Sen. Graham ducking and dodging [the debate] is really sad, but it’s a testament to who he is. He believes that he represents the interest in Washington, D.C., instead of representing the interests of the people in South Carolina. And that’s why he’s on the verge of getting that one-way ticket back home.”

The challenger continued, “We are building something because we are focusing like a laser on the people in the state. As I said so many times on this campaign trail, we’re about to close the chapter on the old South and write a brand new book called the new South, one that is bold, that is inclusive and diverse.”

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White House Reporter Mocks President Trump Over Death of Brother Robert Trump

White House reporter Andrew Feinberg mocked President Trump Friday evening over the death of the President’s younger brother Robert Trump. Feinberg is the White House correspondent and Managing Editor of Breakfast Media and is published by The Independent.

Screen image.

Robert Trump’s funeral was held at the White House Friday afternoon. He died last Saturday in New York City at the age of 71.

President Trump tweeted after the funeral, “Robert, I Love You. Rest In Peace!”

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A mere ten minutes later Feinberg mocked President Trump, “Not sure twitter works in the hereafter.”

Feinberg was rebuked by the Trump campaign’s Tim Murtaugh, who dryly told Feinberg “This is not acceptable.”

Deputy White House Press Secretary Judd Deere followed with a stronger condemnation, “Absolutely disgusting!”

Instead of apologizing to President Trump and Robert Trump’s family when called out, Feinberg attacked Murtaugh and Deere, playing the victim and accusing them of inciting harassment against him.

“Hi, Tim. You know full well how to reach me if have a problem with something I’ve written, and had you chosen to do so, I’d have been happy to address this. What’s unacceptable is you firing up your campaign’s harassment machine instead of acting like an adult.”

“You *definitely* know how to reach me if you have a problem, Judd. Because you and your colleagues have approached me about such matters before — and you know I’ve been responsive — it’s clear that your intent here is to direct harassment, not express any legitimate concerns.”

Photos and video of Robert Trump’s casket leaving the White House with President Trump and family paying their respects.

Rep. Pete King (R-NY) attended the funeral and posted a copy of the invitation, writing, “Rosemary and I are in Washington, DC for Robert Trump’s funeral this afternoon at the White House. Robert was a truly great guy. We were proud to call him and Ann Marie our friends. Grateful and honored to be invited to the funeral.”

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Celebrity Entertaiment

SNL mocks NATO hot mic moment as school cafeteria scene

Saturday Night Live mocked the mockers.

An all-star cast poked fun at the European leaders caught on a hot mic belittling President Trump — painting them as childish students wanting to be in the cool kids’ clique in the school cafeteria.

The latest cold open started with Jimmy Fallon as Canadian President Justin Trudeau alongside Paul Rudd as French President Emmanuel Macron, with a gushing female delegate calling them “so cool.”

James Corden, with a wig of unruly blond hair, then walked out to join them as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, with Fallon’s Trudeau calling him “so cringe.”

The trio soon quietened down when Alec Baldwin walked out in his now-famous role as the president, with them mocking his lengthy NATO speech which was supposed to be just a photo op, the subject of their real-leaders hot mic moment.

“Well, if I looked like him, I’d try to distract the photographer, too,” Fallon’s Trudeau quipped, with Corden’s BoJo getting awkward glances as he added, “He’s not good looking like us three!”

When Baldwin’s Trump, his tray overflowing with burgers, finally asks to sit with them, Rudd’s Macron replied, “We’d love to see you talk and chew at the same time, but we promised this seat to a friend.”

Trump stressed that he was “Boris’s friend” — referring to the close ties between the UK and US — with his ally instead looking away and mumbling, “Don’t make this harder than it already is, old bean. I’m hanging out with these guys now.”

“He’s, like, dumber than Boris,” Fallon’s Trudeau said of Trump, with BoJo laughing as he agreed.

Trump was made to sit with Latvia, complaining, “I can’t believe they made me sit with the foreign kid,” while the trio invited German Chancellor Angela Merkel, played by Kate McKinnon, to take his place at the table.

“Donald, I heard someone likes you, too,” Fallon’s Trudeau told him. “Putin!”

The bullying ended with them sticking an “IMPEACH ME!!!” sign on the president’s back, and Trudeau slapping Trump’s hand into his face after tricking him by saying, “I heard you can’t get impeached if your hand is bigger than your face.”

Cecily Strong then came out as First Lady Melania Trump complaining about bullying — and turning it into an add for Peloton.

“Are you scared woman, tramped in a mansion? Why not imagine biking away from it all,” she said, joking about the company’s ad that has gone viral over sexism complaints.

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