Matt James’ The Bachelor: Women Tell All Was So Boring

Once again, the women have told all—or at least they have told some.  

There was definitely something strange about tonight’s reunion episode of The Bachelor, given that the franchise has been through some serious turmoil since its taping on Feb. 4, and none of that could be addressed on screen just yet. Chris Harrison was still the host since this was filmed before he stepped aside. There was no discussion of racism at any point. 

However, the show did manage to find some things to talk about. 

The first half hour was spent rehashing the bullying that plagued most of the season, with somewhat surprising results. MJ got the chance to defend herself after the way she treated Jessenia, and the other women all expressed how unhappy they were with Katie, accusing her of telling on them to Matt James just to get ahead in her relationship. Anna did apologize profusely to Brittany for spreading rumors about her and Victoria apologized to Katie for some things she had said about her. 

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LeBron James lists massive LA home for $20.5M

LeBron James is saying goodbye to his massive colonial-style Los Angeles pad and is willing to take a slight loss to sell it. 

The NBA legend, 36, listed his Brentwood home for a whopping $20.5 million on Monday. He first bought the property back in 2015 for $20,986,500. 

The home spans a grand 9,440 square feet and has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. 

Initially built in 2011, the gated property is situated in the upscale Rockingham Rim area, on the same street where O.J. Simpson lived when Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered. 

The property has been updated and designed with modern amenities. 

Scroll through to see inside the home where King James spent his days when he first arrived at Lakers City. 

The backyard overlooks the valley.
The backyard includes an in-ground pool with a spectacular view.

The home sits on half an acre overlooking the Holmby Hills.

The exterior part of the home comes with a lounge area.
The exterior of the home features a lounge area.

The 20-foot-long lap pool comes with a spa and pool-side cabana, all of which give off resort vibes.

The master bathroom.
The master bathroom.

Features of the home include an expansive master bathroom with a terrace and two walk-in closets.

The formal living area.
The formal living area.

The house features two family rooms with an open floor plan and includes four masonry fireplaces.

The kitchen.
The kitchen.

Other amenities include a media room and playroom, a gym and mudroom.

Wood-paneled library with built-in shelves.
The wood-paneled library with built-in shelves.

The home also has a wood-paneled library, an elevator and a three-car garage.

A breakfast nook.
A breakfast nook.

The kitchen leads to a large breakfast area which opens to a loggia with heaters on one side and a family room on the other side.

The family room.
The family room.

The family room leads to an outdoor dining area perfect for dinner parties.

The media room.
The media room.
The master bedroom with private terrace.
The master bedroom with private terrace.

The home also made headlines when someone spray-painted a racial slur on the front gate in 2017. 

A driveway with a basketball hoop.
A driveway with a basketball hoop.

James has since upgraded to a $36.75 million Mediterranean-style Beverly Hills mansion in October. The home once belonged to Katharine Hepburn. 

Meanwhile, he still has another Brentwood home he bought in 2017 for $23 million.

In December, James signed on to a two-year extended $85 million contract to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. Prior to that move, in 2018, he signed a four-year, $154 million deal with the team.

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James Van Der Beek’s 4-Year-Old Daughter Rushed to ER After Injury

Dawson’s Creek alum James Van Der Beek and wife Kimberly Van Der Beek had a scary day this week when they had to rush their daughter Emilia, one of their five children, to the ER after she hit her head.

Kimberly detailed the incident on her Instagram Story on Wednesday, Feb. 24. She included a photo of a medical worker treating the couple’s 4-year-old little girl and a closeup pic showing the child with a wound under one of her eyebrows.

“Emilia hit her head on a table. Needed to be glued…” she wrote. “@vikcompletecare_er ONCE AGAIN delivers the ultimate in care.”

Kimberly continued, “Not terrible but not an air heal situation. She breathed through it all and the doctors and nurses here have had a [100 emoji] success rate with us of handling situations with fully informed decision offerings, friendliness and care. These two were scared and immediately comforted and commented out the door how ‘amazing’ they were.”

The ER is located in Lakeway, Texas, a small town near Austin. In September, the Van Der Beeks moved from Beverly Hills, Calif. to a community 45 minutes away from Austin, joining scores of people who have fled major cities for more rural and less populated areas amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Matt James Breaks Silence on Bachelor Nation’s “Heartbreaking” Reality

The Bachelor contestant, who is still in the running to win over Matt’s heart, raised eyebrows after photos from her college days resurfaced on Reddit. In the images, which E! News hasn’t verified, Rachael was seen attending a fraternity formal in 2018, which the Reddit user described as an “Antebellum plantation themed ball.”

She would later apologize in a statement posted on social media. “At one point, I didn’t recognize how offensive and racist my actions were, but that doesn’t excuse them,” Rachael wrote on Feb. 11. “My age or when it happened does not excuse anything. They are not acceptable or okay in any sense. I was ignorant, but my ignorance was racist.”

Ultimately, members of Bachelor Nation have spoken out and sparked a conversation about race and diversity in the franchise. In fact, Bachelor contestants from Matt’s own season came together to release a statement. 

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‘Bachelor’ alum who came back for Matt James

She’s a blast from the past.

“Bachelor” fans were surprised to see former franchise contestant Heather Martin show up to shoot her shot with current lead Matt James.

The 25-year-old — who originally appeared on Colton Underwood’s season of “The Bachelor” — made waves on last week’s episode when she appeared out of nowhere asking to join this season. The episode cut off just as she approached James.

On Season 23 of “The Bachelor,” which aired in 2019, Martin made headlines for having never been kissed. On the show, she got her first peck from Underwood.

Though they had never met, James recognized Martin right away.

If this sounds convoluted, that’s because it is: While competing for Underwood’s heart, Martin befriended fellow contestant Hannah Brown, who later went on to be “The Bachelorette.” Though Brown did not end up with contestant Tyler Cameron, she remained close friends with him. Cameron is best friends with James, which is how he ended up as this season’s lead. James and Brown are also very close.

Martin claimed to host Chris Harrison that it was Brown who sparked the idea for her to come on “The Bachelor” to meet James before he gets engaged, because Brown thought the two would make a good couple.

Like lots of former “Bachelor” contestants, Martin works as an influencer (she has 256,000 Instagram followers). She’s based out of Carlsbad, California, a seaside town at the southern end of the state.

In September of last year, she starred in a music video called “Song for a Girl” by country artist Lawson Bates.

Martin has a strong Christian faith, and she regularly posts Bible verses on her Instagram stories. Her Instagram bio calls out Mark 10:45, which reads, “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

She has two lookalike sisters, Colie and Shannon. The trio is starting a merchandise line together, called Tilted Three, soon. They’ve teased the project on Instagram.

She’s also known for her cheery disposition.

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Heather Martin Arrives on Matt James’ Season

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron are once again at the center of the Bachelor universe! Heather Martin crashed Matt James’ season during the Monday, February 8, episode and left the leading man reeling.

First, MJ and Jessenia stated their cases to Matt during their makeshift two-on-one. MJ claimed she never lied to Matt about bullying the women in the house, but Matt chose to believe Jessenia’s version of events. Jessenia received a rose, and Matt sent MJ home. He then eliminated three more ladies — Magi, Brittany and Ryan — during the rose ceremony.

Matt James and Heather Martin. ABC/Craig Sjodin; Courtesy Heather Martin/Instagram

The drama still continued after MJ’s departure, though, with Serena C. pointing the finger at Katie after Matt canceled the cocktail party. Serena accused Katie of costing her time with Matt and not being there for him, while Katie retorted that Serena was “pathetic” for attacking her over the situation.

Amid the fighting, Heather arrived at Nemacolin and asked to speak to Chris Harrison. She said that her friend Hannah told her she and Matt would be a perfect match, so Heather decided to try to meet him before he got engaged to someone else. Chris eventually agreed to let Heather quarantine and then introduce herself to Matt.

Meanwhile, Pieper landed a one-on-one date with Matt, during which they went to a carnival in the woods. She told him it was hard to communicate her feelings but she was falling in love with him. They promised to be open with each other, and he gave her a rose.

Bachelor 25x06 Recap
Tyler Cameron and Matt James on ‘The Bachelor’. ABC/Craig Sjodin

Matt then went on a bowling group date, which ended with the losing team being sent back to their rooms. However, Matt later invited them to the afterparty anyway because he wanted time with everyone. He ultimately gave a rose to Michelle.

Before his one-on-one date with Katie, Matt met up with Tyler for some advice. Tyler reminded him that he had a slow-burn relationship with Hannah during his season of The Bachelorette, and Matt revealed that he could see himself proposing at the end of the process.

Katie and Matt then pranked Tyler during their date, sabotaging his massage at the resort’s spa. Matt enjoyed his time with Katie but admitted his connections with other women were further along, so he sent her home. She was blindsided but had no regrets about being herself.

At the cocktail party, Matt was shocked when Heather, who said her dream was to fall in love and get engaged to him, arrived. He began laughing uncontrollably when he saw her. She promised to explain why she was there, while the women grew angry over her sudden appearance.

The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

Listen to Here For the Right Reasons to get inside scoop about the Bachelor franchise and exclusive interviews from contestants

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Prince Harry Makes Rare Public Appearance Filming With James Corden

It’s Hollywood Harry!

On Friday, Feb. 5, Prince Harry was spotted filming with James Corden in Los Angeles. The two were photographed on top of an open-air double decker bus, operated by a popular sightseeing tour company, with a small camera crew, leaving a studio lot containing the sound stage where the host shoots The Late Late Show With James Corden.

According to People, Harry, 36, and James, 42, filmed for Carpool Karaoke, the series’ popular recurring musical segment, and were also accompanied by a police escort and by the Duke of Sussex’s private security team. Harry appeared to be in great spirits, smiling as he sat on the bus with James, a longtime friend who attended his and wife Meghan Markle‘s 2018 royal wedding and even emceed the reception.

This marked a rare public appearance for the duke, who has been spending most of his time during the coronavirus pandemic in Montecito, Calif. located 90 miles northwest of Los Angeles, along with Meghan, 39, and their 21-month-old son Archie Harrison. The family moved to the California town, home of fellow celebs such as Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres, last year following the couple’s official exit from their roles as senior members of the United Kingdom’s royal family.

Meghan, a former Suits actress and Los Angeles native, and Archie did not join Harry and James during their filming. 

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Matt James ‘falling in love’

Chris Harrison said it, so it must be true: We’re past the halfway mark on Season 25 of “The Bachelor.”

It’s Week 5: This is when the show changes from being about drama to being about relationships. And that means Matt had to ditch the women that were only there to stir the pot — Anna and Victoria. They finally got their comeuppance for starting a horrid and vile rumor. Their airtime — and mentions in this column — are officially over, I hope.

Our boy also had two women tell him they’re “falling in love with him.” I think it’s a little early for that, but as long as you’re not lying about another woman being an escort, be my guest.

Welcome to Week 5 on “The Bachelor.”

The cocktail party

This wasn’t so much of a party as it was an exorcism. After Katie tipped Matt off that Anna spread a rumor that Brittany was an escort, he was determined to get to the bottom of the drama. “If you have to belittle someone else to let you shine, that’s not the characteristics I’m looking for in my life,” he told the women, before starting an investigation.

First, he took Brittany aside. She instantly broke down in tears. “My mom watches this show, this could ruin my entire life,” she told Matt, shaken by the way she’s been treated. The Bachelor consoled her, and then went to find Anna.

“I said something rude about Brittany. The fact that that bites me in the butt now?” said Anna, failing to acknowledge the consequences of her actions. She apologized, but Matt told her plain and simple that he needs to make a safe space for all the women, and her words caused pain. He sent her home.

Next, he pulled Ryan aside, who spoke about her unfortunate interactions with Victoria, the apparent house bully who called Ryan a hoe, and shot her down for not being one of the original cast members. Matt was angry. Even though it was staring him in the face, he never noticed this side of Queen V before.

When he confronted Victoria about the takedown, she said her words were “taken out of context.” “What context would calling somebody a hoe be taken in?” he retorted.

Thankfully, she got sent home too. Unfortunately, so did some really great women: Catalina, Lauren and Mari.

The first one-on-one

Matt helps Rachael pick out dresses during a date.
Rachael tries on a flouncy number during a shopping spree with Matt.

Matt took Rachael to shop ’til she drops. She got to take home bags of dresses and gowns and wonderful shiny things. He gave her a Cinderella moment, slipping a red-bottomed Louboutin sandal on her feet.

Over dinner, Rachael talked to Matt about how insecure she’s been in past relationships, and how it’s difficult for her to open up. “I really am already completely falling in love with you, I want to walk out of here with you and I want to start my life with you,” she revealed. “You’re not crazy, because I feel the same way,” he said back. They smooched.

The group date

Matt, Ryan and Magi play in a wheelbarrow.
Ridin’ dirty: Matt, Ryan and Magi laughed their way through the various farm activities during the group date.

Abigail, Bri, Brittany, Chelsea, Katie, Jessenia, Magi, Michelle, MJ, Pieper, Ryan, and Serenas C. and P. had a less glamourous group date. In true Pennsylvania fashion, they got down and dirty on a farm. There was lots of mudslinging and chicken holding.

At the after party, Matt and Chelsea kissed after he told her “he’s really happy she’s here.” Abigail, who got the first-impression rose, spoke to Matt about her family troubles, and how her children may one day be deaf like herself. Michelle also got a kiss. “I feel what you’re feeling,” he told her.

Matt pulled MJ aside to let her know that some women had called her divisive. She denied it, and called out the rest of the women on the date to fess up. Jessenia stood up, and told MJ she made other women feel uncomfortable for making fun of the new girls. Katie backed her up, and MJ deflected, big time.

The date rose went to Abigail.

The second one-on-one

Young’un Kit Keenan was asked over to Matt’s for dinner. She had told him that her happy place was in the kitchen with her mom (designer Cynthia Rowley), and was brought to tears that he remembered.

The lovers whipped up some chocolate chip cookies in between kissing. Kit spoke to him about how tough it was for her to grow up in the public eye and the difficulty she has letting her walls down. She also said that she’s falling in love with Matt — though he didn’t say it back like he did to Rachael.

The cocktail party

Matt sent a note asking Jessenia and MJ to come early, wondering what “the truth” is about the drama in the house.

Before Matt showed up, the two of them went at it. Jessenia pointed out that MJ derisively coined the terms “JV” and “varsity” about the women in the house, and accused her of putting on different personalities on camera versus with Matt), MJ lied through her teeth (that she’s all about peace and harmony). We’ll see what Matt thinks next week.


Matt is a bad judge of character. I bet he sends them both home for being involved. Also, never-been-kissed Heather from Colton’s season shows up to stir s – – t up.

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Bachelor Matt James Learns That Abigail’s Kids Will Likely Be Deaf

A tough conversation. Bachelor contestant Abigail Heringer is really thinking about her future with Matt James — and that means having hard discussions about how her hearing disability could affect them down the line.

“I haven’t felt like this for somebody in such a short amount of time, so I really want to open up to him,” the 25-year-old explains in a confessional interview in Entertainment Tonight’s sneak peek of the Monday, February 1, episode. “But it’s scary to open the door to being vulnerable and possibly rejected.”

The Oregon native, who is the first deaf person to compete on the show, then heads over to James, 29, to talk to him about what a future for them could look like.

Matt James and Abigail ABC/Craig Sjodin

“I think there’s just something about you, I’m super excited. I literally get the biggest smile on my face when I’m around you,” she says to the real estate broker. “But I’m also going to be as open with you, obviously, through this process. You want a wife and you want a family and you know I want those things too. But if I were to have a family, there’s a really strong possibility that my kids would be deaf.”

She continues, “My birth dad did walk out on my mom and my sister right after we got our cochlear implants [as kids]. When you have what should have been one of the most important people in your life walk out, it’s hard not to feel like, ‘If I fully open up myself to somebody, are they going to do the same thing?’”

Before the clip ends, James asks Heringer, “Can I tell you something?”

During the season 25 premiere on January 4, Heringer immediately opened up to James about her disability when they chatted at the cocktail party. Her honesty helped to earn her the first impression rose.

“I felt like you were everything that I am asking of these women tonight,” he said before handing over the coveted item. “Knowing that you’re a fighter, I thought it was only appropriate that I ask you something. Abigail, will accept this rose?”

The day after the premiere aired, the client financial manager explained why she chose to be candid with James about her disability right off the bat.

“I knew going into it that night that I wanted to talk about it, just because it’s something I normally don’t really say on a first date — even though it’s a huge part of who I am — with it being a hidden disability and you can’t see my cochlear implant when I’m wearing my hair down,” she explained on the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast on January 5. “It’s kind of just a scary thing to bring up with somebody when you’re on a first date because you really don’t know how they’re going to take it.”

Heringer then admitted to being “in uncomfortable situations” while dating people in the past who were unaware of her health condition. “One time I went to Topgolf and it’s really loud there and I was missing half the things that he was saying,” she recalled. “And I still couldn’t bring myself to tell him, like, ‘Hey, this is my situation.’”

The reality star continued, “It’s just something that I’ve been insecure about in the past. And when you’re trying to be attractive to a guy, airing out insecurities is not always the first thing that you want to do.”

The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

Listen to Here For the Right Reasons to get inside scoop about the Bachelor franchise and exclusive interviews from contestants

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Dining News

Great Celebrity Bake Off 2021 Stars James McAvoy and Paul Hollywood

This year’s Great British Bake Off was different. It felt flat; tired; stressful; at times wildly Orientalist. The comforting coze of a show that the world somehow expected to insulate itself from a global pandemic was instead duly encumbered in its malaise. But GBBO has a solution: Employ James McAvoy for a blue steel stare off with Paul Hollywood, that the actor will indisputably win.

The new series of Great Celebrity Bake Off has tapped the likes of McAvoy, fellow Hollywood star Daisy Ridley, rapper Dizzee Rascal, Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall, Olympian Kelly Holmes, and David Baddiel, who will have plenty of shared experiences to discuss with newest host Matt Lucas. Airing on Channel 4 in the spring, it’s a charity effort for Stand Up to Cancer.

Particularly memorable appearances in recent years have come James Acaster, whose “bon appétit” to the judges graces many a YouTube compilation, and YouTuber Joe Sugg’s fainting after cutting himself before returning to impress Paul Hollywood. But per Vulture, bringing in such a genuinely starry cast feels like a real push from the producers to rehabilitate the vibes of the show, before it returns in its normal format later in the year.

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