Chris Harrison Jokes About Bachelorette Clare Crawley’s Prom Drama

Don’t cut up without him! Chris Harrison jokingly weighed in on the controversy surrounding whether Bachelorette Clare Crawley went to prom after a fan accused her of lying about it.

“Also not Prom,” Nick Viall captioned an Instagram photo of himself, Dean Unglert and Jared Haibon dressed in tuxedos on Thursday, October 22.

Harrison, 49, chimed in with a retort worthy of viral status. “Not true my husband went to prom with the guy on the left,” the host wrote. “I have pictures to prove it.”

Viall, 40, kept the joke rolling, replying: “It’s [sic] was homecoming and he cheated on him with me.”

Unglert, for his part, told the season 21 Bachelor that he will “always be my homecoming king.”

Crawley, 39, came under fire after she claimed during the Tuesday, October 20, episode of The Bachelorette that no one asked her to prom. “I didn’t have the greatest high school experience either, to be honest. I never went to prom,” she said. “Nobody ever asked me. Nobody even knew who I was in high school. I was just invisible, I think. I felt invisible.”

Clare Crawley and Chris Harrison ABC/Craig Sjodin

A fan quickly alleged that the leading lady was not telling the truth about her high school experience. “My husband took @clarecrawley to senior prom, @clarecrawley you went to prom,” the Instagram user claimed, showing off yearbook photos of Crawley and her husband. “#bachelorette #clarecrawley #senior ball #1999 #hothusband.”

The hairstylist doubled down on her story, though. “You do know there is more dances in high school that are NOT prom?” she responded in the comments section. “Turns out it’s just someone digging up old photos. (Why she keeps her husband’s old dance pics I’m not sure). I went to a new school senior year and in fact DID NOT go to prom just like I said.”

The fan later apologized via Instagram on Wednesday, October 21. “I would like to say I miss understood [sic],” she wrote. “Clare did not go to prom with my husband. It was another dance and I apologize for my error.”

The Bachelorette airs on ABC Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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Jaime Harrison Mocks “Sad” Lindsey Graham for Ducking Latest Debate

There are a lot of things going wrong for Lindsey Graham right now. The South Carolina senator has been getting crushed fundraising wise and has taken to regularly begging for donations on Fox News.

Graham is also up against a really tough challenger in Jaime Harrison. And Harrison has been getting under the senator’s skin in the worst way.  The democratic challenger when viral during their first debate when he brought his own plexiglass divider.

The men were set to debate again tonight. Graham decided not to participate. The incumbent senator has decided that it is more important to be in Washington DC to concentrate on the Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court nomination process.

Harrison wasn’t about the let Graham live the decision down. He told SiriusXM’s Laura Coates:

“This is probably the most historic Senate race in the history of this state, and to have Sen. Graham ducking and dodging [the debate] is really sad, but it’s a testament to who he is. He believes that he represents the interest in Washington, D.C., instead of representing the interests of the people in South Carolina. And that’s why he’s on the verge of getting that one-way ticket back home.”

The challenger continued, “We are building something because we are focusing like a laser on the people in the state. As I said so many times on this campaign trail, we’re about to close the chapter on the old South and write a brand new book called the new South, one that is bold, that is inclusive and diverse.”

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Jaime Harrison Rips Lindsey Graham Over his “Good Old Days of Segregation” Comments

Lindsey Graham has typically had an easy road to reelection since joining the United States senate in 2002. But his toadyism towards Donald Trump has made him one of the most unpopular lawmakers in America.

Graham’s race against Jaime Harrison is now being watched by people all over the country. Incredible amounts of money are coming into the Harrison campaign which has led to Graham repeatedly begging for money on Fox News.

And now, with this being such a high profile race, every move the South Carolina senator makes is scrutinized. Graham certainly didn’t help himself with comments he made during Wednesday’s Amy Coney Barrett hearing.

The South Carolina lawmaker asked the Supreme Court hopeful, “Do you think Brown vs. Board’s Super-precedent. Is that, you’re not aware of any effort to go back to the good old days of segregation?”

Harrison quickly seized on the matter, sharing a video of the comments on his Twitter page. The Democrat wrote, “Lindsey Graham just called segregation ‘the good old days.’ The good old days for who, Senator? It’s 2020, not 1920. Act like it.”

The senate hopeful followed with another tweet that read, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

Graham quickly moved into damage control over the controversy. The GOP lawmaker told reporters:

“It was with deep sarcasm that I suggested that some legislative body would want to yearn for the good old days of segregation. he point that I’m trying to make — there is nobody in America in the legislative arena wanting to take us back to that dark period in American history. For my opponent to suggest that says far more about him than me.”

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Harrison Ford Narrates PSA for Coronavirus Vaccine Clinical Trials

Harrison Ford is spreading the word about the dire need for volunteers in coronavirus vaccine trials. 

In a YouTube PSA titled “My Reason,” Americans of all different backgrounds, ethnicities and professions revealed why they decided to participate in the vaccine research. The reasons ranged from a nurse longing to do more for the medical community to a grocery store worker wanting people to be able to safely get their food.

Finding a safe and effective vaccine is one way experts say the pandemic, which has claimed over 200,000 lives in the United States and affected millions of people, will end. Ford narrates the PSA, which was produced by Skydance Media CEO David Ellison.

While almost 500,000 people have already volunteered, many more are needed. 

“We need to register a million more volunteers to complete the studies that will possibly get a safe and effective vaccine to hundreds of millions of Americans,” Ford explained in the PSA. “The vaccine trial needs millions of Americans of every race, location and medical condition to help in one of the most important endeavors of our lifetime.” 

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JoJo Fletcher Will Temporarily Replace Chris Harrison on The Bachelorette After He Left the Bubble

Remember when we all noticed that Chris Harrison had left the Bachelorette bubble to take his son to college and we were all like, “How’s that going to work?” 

Now we know the answer. Sources confirm to E! that since Chris left the set and will now have to quarantine upon return, JoJo Fletcher will temporarily replace him as host.

On Aug. 11, Chris posted a picture at Texas Christian University alongside his son Joshua. 

“Just like that he’s gone,” he wrote on Instagram. “Thought dropping the big man off at college @texaschristianuniversity today was going to crush me but all I could feel is pride and excitement. Especially now, so grateful that they have this opportunity. Now go take on the world and have the time of your life my boy.” 

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Chris Harrison Confuses Holey Moley For a Weird Episode of The Bachelor in Sneak Peek

What kind of weirdo journey to find love is this?

Chris Harrison guests on tonight’s episode of the mini golf game show Holey Moley, and based on this sneak peek exclusive to E! News, he seems to be a little lost. Or maybe everybody’s lost, because it looks like a whole bunch of wannabe Bachelor contestants are golfing in evening wear. 

“This is one of the weirdest network cross-promotions we have ever done,” he says. And he’s correct. 

In what Harrison describes as a “special episode” of Holey Moley, eight single mini-golfers “see if they can hit it off while they tee off,” though things do not get quite as dramatic as he hopes. It’s not just one person going home, it’s everybody, because everybody gets to go home after they’re done mini-golfing. No fantasy suites this time around. 

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Celebrity Entertaiment

Chris Harrison Answers Burning Bachelor Nation Questions

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Celebrity Entertaiment

Chris Harrison Previews ‘Gut-Wrenching’ End of ‘The Bachelor’

Will season 24 of The Bachelor really be the most dramatic one yet? Chris Harrison believes it, despite the intense previous seasons of The Bachelor — including the fence jump! — and The Bachelorette.

“It’s a very dramatic start, as they say, but it always is! You look at Colton Underwood‘s season and that was crazy for how it went down. Hannah Brown‘s season was crazy, in a totally different way. Now Peter Weber‘s season is unpredictable and riveting in another way and we don’t see it coming,” Harrison, 48, told Us Weekly exclusively at the Television Critics’ Association’s winter press tour on Wednesday, January 8. “It’s something that the producers didn’t know about, it’s something Peter and I didn’t know about.”

However, after the surprise of the former Bachelorette’s appearance, the season just gets crazier. During the Monday, January 6, premiere of the show, a long trailer previewed what’s to come — kissing, fighting and tears, oh my! — and an ending that leaves everyone shocked.

Peter Weber Bachelor and Chris Harrison Gut Wrenching The Bachelor
Peter Weber and Chris Harrison. ABC/John Fleenor

“Inevitably, something happens we’ve never dealt with before,” the former Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? host said of the final episode. “It’s gut-wrenching.”

In the trailer, Harrison approaches Weber, 28, in Australia, seemingly just moments before the Bachelor hands out his final rose and possibly proposes.

“There’s something I just found out,” the host says to a devastated and confused Weber, who then goes and lays down surrounded by crew. Later, he says, “It’s just like the last thing I needed to hear.” His mother is also shown crying and saying, “Don’t let her go. Bring her home to us.”

Whatever happens, Weber is looking at the positive. “I made mistakes for sure. There’s no doubt about that,” the pilot told Us exclusively. “I’m human, so I don’t want to look at it as regret. I learned from it.”

So far, this season’s winner has not been spoiled on social media or other sites — something that’s rare for the franchise. However, Harrison isn’t sure that will last once the season continues.

“I don’t know if anybody can say that [it won’t be spoiled],” he told Us. “I don’t know how you say that. In this day and age, stuff gets out. Who knows what will happen.”

The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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Hannah Brown Snaps Back at Chris Harrison Over Jake Owen’s Song

Bachelor Nation has gone country — and not everyone is happy about it. Hannah Brown and Chris Harrison went back and forth on Twitter after country singer Jake Owen wrote a shady song about the former Bachelorette.

“Monday night, my girlfriend had the damn TV on and all you heard about on the new Bachelor was Alabama Hannah, it was just Alabama Hannah everywhere. She won’t go away,” the 38-year-old country singer began in a video on Thursday, January 9, referring to Brown appearing on the premiere of Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. “Believe it or not, I met her on the last season of The Bachelorette, I played ‘Made For You’ for them in I think it was like Rhode Island or something. She’s a cool girl.”

Hannah Brown, Chris Harrison, and Jake Owens ABC/John Fleenor; Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP/Shutterstock; Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

While Owen claimed the song is “not even a dig at the actual Alabama Hannah,” he appeared to take on Weber’s point of view in the track.

“Alabama Hannah, what do you want? / If it’s love that you need, well then honey, it’s gone,” he sings. “You had your chances, so won’t you leave me alone. / Alabama Hannah, won’t you go on back home.”

Brown, 25, made headlines after she emotionally told Weber, 28, that she made a mistake when she picked Jed Wyatt during the season 15 finale of The Bachelorette. The Monday, January 6, premiere ended on a cliffhanger with the pilot asking the former pageant queen to join the season.

“I been out here in California, I’ve been soaking up the sun / There’s lots of pretty ladies, and I can’t pick just one,” Owen sings. “I’m flying high, I got peace of mind, I already raised the bar / Now you’re showing up here tonight, who do you think you are? / Alabama Hannah won’t you roll on with the tide. … Alabama Hannah, honey, get out of my life.”

After referring to Brown as a “beauty queen” and “dancing star,” Owen referenced the former couple’s now-infamous overnight date in a windmill.

“Well I guess you think you messed up since you seen me moving on / Thinking we could pick up, right where we left off,” the lyrics read. “But you got to lay in the bed you made, and I hate to let you down / Girl this ain’t no windmill, we can’t go round and round.”

Harrison, 48, was clearly a fan of the track, tweeting, “My man @jakeowen speaking his truth to Hannah B on behalf of Peter #TheBachelor.”

Brown then fired back, “Better just be his truth Christopher. I’m not just chop liver now—you still have to love me and try to understand my mess. @chrisbharrison.”

The following day, the longtime Bachelor host clarified that he still has love for Brown.

“Haha you know I’ll always love you girl, you’re family and family sticks together through the good the bad and the mascara…” Harrison tweeted on Friday, January 10. “Now that’s a country song.”

Before Harrison weighed in, the Dancing With the Stars season 18 winner appeared to approve of the song.

“It’s hilarious and even though it’s like a diss at me the whole time, I was tapping my foot along to it and laughing. You need to check it out!” Brown said via her Instagram Stories on Thursday evening. “Jake, let me know when you need me for the music video.”

Earlier this week, Harrison told Us Weekly exclusively that Brown may get another chance at finding love as the Bachelorette.

“Look, anything’s possible. I’m not against it,” he told Us at the Television Critics’ Association’s winter press tour. “I think the things that make us love her so much — and I’m included in that and adore her — is she is so open and honest and just, she’s a train wreck. You get to see the good, the bad and the ugly in Hannah and that’s a rare thing in any human being.”

The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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Will Hannah Brown be the Bachelorette Again? Chris Harrison Says …

Round 2? When Hannah Brown returned to The Bachelor and admitted she has regrets from her season of The Bachelorette, fans couldn’t help but wonder if she’ll get another try as the Bachelorette — if she doesn’t end up with Peter Weber at the end.

However, is that a real possibility? It’s not out of the question, host and producer Chris Harrison told Us Weekly exclusively on Thursday, January 9.

“Look, anything’s possible. I’m not against it,” the host, 48, told Us at the Television Critics’ Association’s winter press tour. “I think the things that make us love her so much — and I’m included in that and adore her — is she is so open and honest and just, she’s a train wreck. You get to see the good, the bad and the ugly in Hannah and that’s a rare thing in any human being.”

Chris Harrison and Hannah Brown Bachelorette
Chris Harrison and Hannah Brown of ‘The Bachelorette.’ ABC/John Fleenor

He also added that people “embrace that and relate to it” … but that may not be enough.

“Do people want to see it again? I don’t know,” the Dallas native admitted. “I guess we’ll see what Bachelor Nation thinks.”

Harrison also opened up to Us about the emotional conversation the former pageant queen, 25, had with Weber, 28, on the premiere, which will continue into the second episode.

Hannah Brown Bachelorette Wedding Gown
Hannah Brown during an episode of ‘The Bachelorette.’ ABC/Mark Bourdillon

“It’s just something that organically happened and then it scared the hell out of all of us because the show might end,” he said on Wednesday. “While this was happening, [we were] thinking, ‘Should we be filming this? I don’t know, it’s so personal.’ But this is what makes Hannah and Peter so lovable and so likable.”

The Dancing With the Stars alum opened up to Weber during the episode, crying about how confused she was seeing him again. She also admitted she regretted chosing Jed Wyatt over him. “Peter, I question it all the time,” she told her ex, who came in third place on her season. “[Picking Jed] was comfortable. It was falling back into the same thing but, like, I broke everybody’s heart and my own through this experience.”

The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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