WH Official Stephen Miller Broke The Law By Launching Into Anti-Biden Rant On Fox & Friends

White House official Stephen Miller appears to have broken the law during a Friday appearance on Donald Trump’s favorite morning program, Fox & Friends.

According to a new complaint filed by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), Miller violated the Hatch Act by using his official government position for partisan purposes.

The complaint notes that Miller, from the grounds of the White House, “impermissibly mixed official government business with political views about former Vice President Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president.”

Just in case Miller’s violation of the Hatch Act wasn’t clear enough, the Trump campaign’s official Twitter account even posted a clip of the interview.

A portion of Miller’s comments:

Well as you know Joe Biden is stuck in a basement somewhere and he just emerges every now and again and somebody hands him a notecard and he says whatever his 23 year old staffer tells him to say and then, he dutifully disappears to be seen a week later. As for former President Obama the reality is that for eight years he delivered nothing but failure and betrayal to the people of this country.

As CREW notes in its filing, “This Hatch Act prohibits any executive branch employee from ‘us[ing] his official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the result of an election.’”

Business as usual for this lawless administration

The news that a White House official broke the law on live television might have meant something in previous presidencies, but it’s business as usual for the most lawless administration in history.

In 2019, the Office of Special Counsel found that Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway repeatedly violated the Hatch Act and recommended that she be removed from federal service.

Trump quickly stood by Conway, saying that he wouldn’t fire her for exercising her “free speech.”

In November, the American people will have the opportunity to remove Donald Trump and his band of criminals once and for all.

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Bears broke into a Tennessee cabin in search of food as guests hid upstairs

Michelle Eberhart told CNN that the bear opened a locked door and forced its way into the cabin on Friday morning. She and her friend were inside chatting while their husbands were out playing golf.

“She just looked up, and she was kind of making some motion and I couldn’t figure out what was going on,” Eberhart said. “So I kind of moved a little bit and saw what she was freaking out about.”

They ran upstairs and hid in a bedroom, while the bear wandered around the cabin. She said three other bears were milling around on the porch.

She thinks a second bear came inside at one point because their snouts were different colors in her pictures, but she saw only one inside at a time.

Eberhart said they didn’t have a good view of what was happening but said the bears were pretty active downstairs.

“It knocked over the trash, it knocked over a book, and it destroyed a couple of decks of cards and it scratched up a lot of stuff. There were scratches on walls and the floor,” she said. She said they didn’t damage or knock over the furniture.

The bears also ate a ton of candy and snacks that were sitting on the kitchen counter and took some of it outside.

They got away with five pounds of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, a pound of M&M’s, two pounds of Sour Patch Kids, two bags of potato chips, a tub of peanut butter pretzels and two bags of Dove salted caramel candy, Eberhart said. They also took two beers, two Diet Cokes and some of her allergy medicine.

She reached the rental cabin’s owner, who called police.

When an officer arrived and opened the door, the bear ran out of the house and jumped off a balcony, Eberhart said.

The officer shooed off the other three bears and made a temporary repair to the door, so it would stay locked until it could be fixed.

Eberhart said she saw 11 bears on Monday after their friends left. She and her husband also saw scratches on the side of the house where bears had climbed up and knocked over a grill.

She said they heard another bear trying to get into the house early Tuesday morning. Her husband scared it off.

“I did not sleep at all. It was very nerve-wracking,” she said.

They decided to get up early and drive back home to Indiana, Eberhart said.

Brown bear seen for first time in 150 years in northern Spanish park

She said they hadn’t left any food out or done anything to encourage the bears.

Rare for bears to enter homes

Matthew Cameron with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency told CNN that it is rare for bears to enter homes, but it does happen.

Cameron said the bears were probably yearling siblings that learned to look for human food from their mother.

Must-watch videos of the week

This time of year, he said, bears are surviving on emerging green vegetation, flowers, budding leaves, insects and their larvae.

“Unfortunately, this lack of available, natural food drives some bears to seek out human foods and engage in nuisance behavior,” he said. “This aggressive behavior will continue until the summer berries begin to ripen, but that’s still over a month away.”

Authorities haven’t had any similar reports in the area, but they have put out some traps for the bears.

Cameron said they would probably relocate the animals if they catch them.

“There is no ‘Stay at Home Order’ for wildlife during this pandemic and black bears are very active right now due to the lack of available, natural food sources,” he said in an email.

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86-year-old who broke social distancing space in ER and grabbed IV pole died after being shoved, police say

Janie Marshall, broke the recommended six-foot space between herself and patient Cassandra Lundy, 32, when she grabbed Lundy’s IV pole to get her balance at the Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center in Brooklyn on March 28.

A family member told CNN that Marshall had dementia.

Lundy was arrested and charged with manslaughter and assault on April 2, the NYPD said.

Lundy faces charges of manslaughter in the first and second degree, assault in the second degree, and criminally negligent homicide, according to the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office.

Janie Marshall

CNN has been unable to identify an attorney for Lundy.

In a statement to CNN, Woodhull Hospital said they are working with the NYPD on the investigation.

“We are terribly saddened by this death. We are committed to ensuring a safe, health-focused environment in these very demanding times so our heroic health care workers can continue to deliver the quality, compassionate care New Yorkers need more than ever,” the hospital said in a statement.

Antoinette Leonard-Jean Charles, Marshall’s grandniece, told CNN that Marshall had been admitted to the ER on March 27 after experiencing stomach pains related to a bowel obstruction. She said the hospital has not been communicative in providing details on how Marshall died. Instead, she has been relying on local news reports to get more information on the altercation.

New York City reports a record 800-plus coronavirus deaths in one day

The hospital had cited the health privacy law HIPAA as to why they could not give more information, even though her mother and Marshall’s niece, Eleanor Leonard, was listed as her next of kin, Charles said.

The hospital told CNN it was unable to release further information.

Though Charles only knows as much as what’s in the police report, she speculated that because Marshall had dementia, she may not have understood her surroundings, so she wandered around, eventually running into Lundy amid the chaos of the ER that day.

Marshall, born in 1934 and the youngest of 12 children, was “one of the sweetest, friendliest women you could ever meet,” said Charles. According to her obituary, Marshall worked for the Social Security Administration and was one of the first African American women to receive a Commissioner Citation, the agency’s highest award.

Marshall “never wanted to be anybody’s victim,” she added, which was perhaps the hardest part of learning of her death — that the family wasn’t there and Marshall was ultimately a victim of circumstances in being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As the hospitals in New York City and across the country grapple with surging coronavirus-related hospitalizations, Charles stressed that violence in uncertain times will never change anything.

One fearful action could lead to serious, unintended consequences, she said.

“Violence is not going to change anything.”

CNN’s Mirna Alsharif contributed to this report.

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These Illinois State Troopers helped save a heart for surgery after an organ transport vehicle broke down

DES PLAINES, Ill. — Two Illinois State Police troopers helped deliver a heart that was needed for surgery after the vehicle transporting it broke down.

Trooper Cibrian and Trooper Snisko responded to a call of a motorist assist around 4:15 a.m. Tuesday on northbound Interstate 55 at Throop Street.

Upon arrival, the troopers learned the disabled vehicle was an organ transport vehicle, carrying a University of Chicago surgeon, a transplant coordinator and a medical student — along with a donated heart.

Realizing this was a time-sensitive situation, the troopers immediately transported the medical staff and heart to the University of Chicago Medical Center.

Police said doctors were able to successfully perform the surgery in a timely manner.

“Time is of the essence when it comes to transplant surgery,” stated Ashley Heher, Director of Media Relations for UChicago Medicine. “There is about a four to six hour window of time for a heart to remain viable for surgery and the team had already been traveling for approximately 3 hours,” she said.

The transplant patient is recovering.

Trooper Cibrian and Trooper Snisko are ISP Academy classmates and graduated the Academy in Aug. of 2018.

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