Someone Turned Donald Trump’s Handwritten Notes on the Impeachment Hearing Into a Ramones Song

Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland testified before the Senate Intel Committee as part of the ongoing impeachment hearing on Wednesday (Nov. 20), and Donald Trump held a press conference outside the White House.

While the president spent the time denying Sondland’s testimony regarding a quid pro quo in which U.S. diplomats were pressured to pry the president of Ukraine for dirt on Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden’s son, it was his handwritten notes that caught the attention of the Twittersphere.

One page of notes caught by cameras featured a misspelling of Ukrainian President Zelensky’s name, and handwriting that looked almost nonsensical. “I WANT NOTHING. I WANT NOTHING. I WANT NO QUID PRO QUO,” he wrote in all caps. “TELL ZELLINSKY TO DO THE RIGHT THING. THIS IS THE FINAL WORD FROM THE PRES OF THE U.S.”

The viral spread of the notes led to one user, Alex Kliment, converting Trump’s “weird hand-scrawled denial” into a Ramones song. Complete with guitar riffs and loud, shout-y vocals, the notes fit right into the melody.

Watch it below.

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