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Raf Simons: ‘I Just Wanted to Make Clothes’

ANTWERP –  “I never really thought about big companies or big names or big brands. I just wanted to make clothes like a few friends that I had here,” said Raf Simons in a comfy sweater in front of about 800 paying attendees at the fourth edition of Fashion Talks. The event was organized by Flanders DC in the Handelsbeurs in Antwerp, the oldest stock exchange building in the world.
Simons, who also lives in the city, shared his opinions about the state of the fashion system, creativity and value behind a design, and the importance of staying independent and supporting the new generation, as well as his frustration and reflection from his previous positions at Jil Sander and Dior.
While he did not mention Calvin Klein during his 35-minute talk, between the lines, his views seemed clear. Simons left his post as chief creative officer at Calvin Klein last December. 
“Big brands that work with creative directors are in constant flux,” the designer declared.  “We see a phenomenon that time periods become shorter, shorter and shorter. It’s something I wasn’t aware of in the earlier stage when I took Jil. These brands, although they can very much support you and they can

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