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Pisces Monthly Horoscope

MONTH OF October

Paging Pisces—is anyone home? October’s stars pull you further into your cocoon, where you could be obsessively working away on an all-consuming project or processing your deepest emotions. The Sun is in Libra and your eighth house of intimacy, shared finances and research—an all-or-nothing zodiac zone that intensifies everything! You’re certainly feeling the extremes of this annual solar cycle.

Brace yourself, because as an emotional and empathic sign, this can be a bit of a roller coaster for you, Pisces. And there could be even sharper peaks and dips this year! On October 4, energizer Mars begins its biennial blaze through Libra, joining the Sun in this transformational zone. Until November 19, the red planet will activate potent powers: money magnetism, sexual allure, psychic abilities. It can also radically amplify jealousy, fixating and stress. You’ll need to remain aware of your reactions, which can fire off at will.

It doesn’t help that Mars is in “detriment” in Libra, a weakened position in which the warrior planet feels out of sorts in the sign of peace and harmony. But if you direct all this “yang” energy from the Sun and Mars into pursuits that provide mutual gain and win-wins, you can multiply your reach and make serious strides in a partnership.

The eighth house rules permanent bonds, from marriage to cohabitation to any way you might join your life with another person’s. With the Sun and impatient Mars here, you’ll be especially eager to seal the deal. If you’re splitting up, the break can occur quickly. Careful, though: Any bitterness could turn combative and contentious fast. While you should definitely stand up for your rights, avoid getting dragged into dramatic fights that derail your mission. The eighth house is also associated with joint ventures. This month could bring an exciting (and lucrative) opportunity to combine your superpowers for a shared win. And if you’re parting ways with a business partner, there may be tension over the division of assets, including intellectual property.

Just be careful not to rush into any entanglements, especially with friends. On October 3, karmic powerhouse Pluto wakes up from a five-month retrograde nap, powering forward in your eleventh house of groups and teams. A stalled collaboration could pick up speed and you may find group dynamics improving (hooray!), especially if there’d been tension simmering below the surface.

Structured Saturn, the planet of boundaries, is also in Capricorn, forcing you to make wiser choices about the people you call friends. Associating with a more mature and ambitious crowd is paying off for you, and Pluto’s course correction could turn a few of those folks into powerful allies who can open doors. Just watch your back on October 7, when the Sun forms its semiannual square to Saturn. You could feel torn between dueling needs for control and collaboration. How much power should you distribute democratically and how much should you keep for yourself? It’s great to be equitable, but only if everyone is pulling their weight.

Tension could increase around the distribution of power and resources when this aspect repeats on October 27, this time involving Mars and Saturn. With speedy Mars and cautious Saturn at odds, it’s like having one foot on the gas and the other on the brake.

Midmonth, pull back and focus on practical matters. On October 13, the year’s only Aries full moon lands in your second house of work, money and daily routines, bringing out your sensual and productive side. The key message: Be here now! Take a moment to get grounded in your everyday life or to finish up a lingering project. Roll up your sleeves and plan to hustle. You’ll feel so glad once you’re done! Reward yourself with a long massage and a decadent meal for all that effort.

With the full moon’s fiscal emphasis, you could receive a raise, promotion or new job offer. If you’ve been wooing a client, you’ll hear a definite yes or no after today. (P.S.: Ask for a little more than you think you can get!) If your budget’s gone awry—or you’re thinking, “What budget?”—these moonbeams will support better money management. Have you gone as far as you can in a professional position? Since full moons can mark endings and transitions, you might decide to give notice soon after this date.

In another tricky twist, this full moon will lock into a tense square with Pluto in your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. Think twice before doing business with friends. A jealous or undermining person at work may need to be confronted. Be careful about doing it too directly—you might need to circumvent them or go over their head. With crafty Pluto here, you can’t be too cautious. This full moon is an ideal day for a digital detox. Step away from social media (and all the emotions it stirs up) and go enjoy time in nature or doing something pampering and restorative!

Perspective returns on October 23, when the Sun shifts into Scorpio and your ninth house of adventure, travel and expanded horizons. All that deep reflecting of the past month will yield a refreshing wider-angle view of the world. On October 27, the Scorpio new moon really gets you seeing limitless possibilities—and talking about them! An honest conversation today could open up new levels of closeness and mutuality. Suddenly, all the dots start connecting, and you can see the bigger picture. Whew! After an emotional three weeks, you’re ready to shake off the heaviness. Time to emerge a butterfly, Pisces!

Travel, study or even a little staycation can get your groove back. Your mind will be hungry for novelty, so whatever you do, swing far out of your comfort zone under this new moon. Thinking of starting a business or an independent media project? These moonbeams favor creative and enterprising moves.

A communication curveball is also possible at this new moon, which will stand opposite radical Uranus in your third house of ideas and information. News could come out of left field, or you might receive a message that changes everything on a dime. Try not to react to any such disruptions—the best thing you can do is stay calm and get all the facts. Whether it’s an exciting offer or a jaw-dropping revelation, you might need a minute to adapt to these unexpected changes.

In fact, take your time gathering intel and information. On October 31, Mercury—the planet of communication, technology and travel—will turn retrograde in Scorpio until November 20, its final backspin of the decade! In this outspoken zone of your chart, you’re doubly prone to putting your foot in your mouth or being wildly misunderstood, so choose your words (and posts) with the utmost care. Book your holiday travel plans before Mercury’s mischief kicks in, especially since Scorpio rules your ninth house of long-distance getaways. Make sure passports and IDs are up to date. With Mercury retrograde, you can’t be too careful!


The beginning of the month makes for one thrilling steamy-windows week, with both love planets canoodling in Libra and your eighth house of intimacy, sensuality, sexuality—and any other flavor of merging (body, soul or both!). Couples should grab the emotional scuba gear and plan a deep dive into possibly uncharted waters. You can clear up a misunderstanding, get something off your chest or talk about next steps. But be open and direct rather than passive-aggressive or “baiting.” If this has serious potential, you want to treat it with the respect it deserves. Single? Whether you’re looking for a part-time playmate or a soul mate, be clear in your intentions and diligent in your efforts. A special person could surface during this cycle.

Just one caveat, but it’s a biggie: With these two planets of desire in this emotionally intense sector, stay on guard for jealousy, possessiveness, obsessional behavior and tunnel vision. These traits won’t disappear until after Mars leaves this laser-focused zone on November 19. An upside to the red planet’s biennial visit: It can lend the courage to face whatever’s going on under the hood and do the transformational work to dig deeper. A therapist (solo or couple’s) could be helpful. Listen to Esther Perel’s podcast “Where Should We Begin?” on sex, intimacy and couples—a real-deal peek into recorded couple’s therapy sessions.

Some levity returns on October 8, when Venus parts ways with Mars and blazes into Scorpio and your ninth house of big-picture vision. If you’ve been fixating on someone, this transit can help you pull your head out of the sand and have a fresh look around. There’s a big world out there, Pisces, and it’s full of fascinating people! Single Fish could meet someone while traveling, taking a class or doing something outside of your comfort zone. Happily hooked? Use the truth-telling energy of this cycle to discuss a subject you’ve been hesitant to broach. If you listen as much as you share, you should be able to work out anything!

Key Dates:
October 12: Venus-Uranus opposition

Strong emotions could erupt like molten lava under today’s explosive and unpredictable face-off. Try not to interact with someone who’s blatantly disrespecting the “rules of engagement.” When you’re safely sheltered from their outburst, check in with your own feelings. You might need to keep a distance from them for the next day or so till they cool down enough to talk it out.


It’s all about the details this month as the Sun plunges into Libra and your focused, merging-minded eighth house until October 23. You could get downright obsessive about your goals when driven Mars heads into Libra for its biennial visit from October 4 to November 19. Be careful not to let anxiety overtake you—look up and around and remember that there IS a big world beyond whatever you’re consumed with. (Not that it isn’t important…just…perspective, Pisces!)

Luckily, you’ll have an opportunity to see the wider picture if you peer through the lens of Mercury. The planet of communication starts an extended visit to Scorpio and your expansive ninth house on October 3. This purpose-driven transit connects the dots and reminds you WHY you’re working so hard in the first place! Even as you stay true to your mission, make sure you think outside the box.

Once the Sun starts its monthlong visit to Scorpio, you’ll pull your head out of the sand and adopt a much more adventurous and open mindset. It’s a great time to speak your mind and share (even evangelize) your big ideas. If you’re interested in a career in higher education, such as teaching at a community college or maybe a charter school, this transit is perfect for checking out options! And if you’re willing to relocate for the position, all the better. The October 27 Scorpio new moon presents a perfect moment to put those feelers out into the wider world.

On October 31, Mercury will turn retrograde until November 20, a cycle that’s notorious for wreaking havoc on technology, travel, information and communication. Be a little less “caution-to-the-wind” with what you share. Use stronger filters because your outspoken comments could be taken the wrong way. Better yet, just don’t say it!

Key Dates:
October 7: Mercury-Uranus opposition

Bite thy tongue! This rash clash could cause you to uncharacteristically lose your cool and blurt out something you instantly regret. Your buttons will be easily pushed, so walk away (or log off the inflammatory feeds) if you start getting triggered.

Love Days: 20, 24
Money Days: 31, 13
Luck Days: 27, 10
Off Days: 22, 26

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