Monolink’s ‘Amniotic’ Deluxe Announcement: Exclusive

Closing big chapters in one’s life is always easier with a little help from friends, and Monolink wants to honor the end of his debut album cycle with a give-away that keeps on giving. The Berlin-based producer and DJ announces a deluxe edition of his 2018 LP Amniotic, complete with new remixes, live edits, acoustic versions and an unreleased tune.

“My debut album Amniotic has been a long time in the making and promoting,” Monolinks says. “Many years in many continents writing, recording, promoting and touring it. So now that this journey is ending and as I move onto my next album, I wanted to close the door by releasing a new version for my fans.”

One of the promised goodies is a remix of “Take Me Home” from fellow German Purple Disco Machine. Monolink’s original is a simmering, meditative groove perfect for the Burning Man crowd. It’s lyrics tell of life’s hard truths. You might not ever get much good out of it, so be thankful for moments to dance such as these. It’s seven minutes in length, but Purple Disco Machine draws a full eight out of his multi-instrumental disco remix.

The beat is pluckier with colorful percussion and a walking bassline. He hones in on Monolink’s vocal message and slowly builds the tension with layers of strings, guitars and synths toward a funky little breakdown and soft, subtle landing.

“While my own music is not in such a similar style to Monolink, I am a big fan of what he does and him as a person,” Purple Disco Machine says, noting that the two also share the same manager. “As the original already has an understated laidback funk feel, I went in the direction of enhancing that and adding in a trippy 303 acid line, but still keeping it hazy for that sunset or after-hours vibe rather than full-on club.”

The full deluxe release features an additional remix by Acid Pauli, as well as two Burning Man recordings, three acoustic edits and previously-unreleased tune “Outgrown.”

It’s due on streaming platforms Dec. 13 via Embassy One records, but you can listen to Purple Disco Machine’s remix of “Take Me Home” below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.

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