Maggie Rogers Vows To ‘Love You For A Long Time’ On Her Warm New Song

Maggie Rogers has plenty to feel good about this week. Yesterday, she scored a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist, which she promptly celebrated by dancing around her living room to Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten” (as one does). And today, she’s poured all that sunny energy into a brand new single, “Love You For A Long Time,” her first new release since her January debut album, Heard It In A Past Life.

The Stevie Nicks-esque soft rock tune isn’t a huge departure for Rogers, who basks in the glow of a relationship she can see herself comfortably settling into. “I saw your face and I knew it was a sign / And I still think about that moment all of the time,” she sings, while the chorus professes her all-in devotion. “And in the morning when I’m waking up / I swear that you’re the first thing that I’m thinking of / I feel it in my body / Know it in my mind / Oh I, I’m gonna love you for a long time.”

In a statement about her optimistic new song, the 25-year-old revealed that she actually wrote it the day before “Light On,” but didn’t finish and record it until August. She said, “Those last days of finishing Heard It In A Past Life were such vivid and vital creative moments for me. I was dreaming up a future – for my music, for my life – and the possibilities felt endless. For various reasons, but mostly scheduling, the song was left unfinished and unrecorded, but it always stuck with me and I’ve found its melody weaving in and out of my brain for the last year and a half.”

She continued, “It’s a song about love in all its forms — romantic love, the love I feel for my friends, the love I feel for my band, and the love I’ve shared with all of you. I wanted it to sound like the last days of summer. I wanted it to sound as wild and alive as new love feels.”

Soak in those loved-up vibes by listening to the song above — it’ll make you feel exactly like Rogers looks in the cover art: warm, content, and just plain happy.

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