Kenshi Yonezu-Produced J-Pop Hit ‘Paprika’ Gets Kids’ English Version

An English-language version of the J-pop hit “Paprika” by the five-member kids group Foorin was revealed Tuesday (Nov. 19).

The song — written and produced by hitmaker Kenshi Yonezu — has won the hearts of children all over the country with its catchy sound and danceable choreography. It peaked at No. 7 on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 and charted in the top 10 for seven inconsecutive weeks.

The original “Paprika” was created as a part of NHK’s 2020 Tokyo Olympics supporters’ project, and the theme of the song is “to broaden the circle (of friendship) from kids in Japan to kids in the world.”

The English version was performed by a different set of five children, all of whom are native English speakers selected through auditions. The members of the new group called “Foorin team E” are: 10-year-old Jasmine and 8-year-old Corban as the main vocalists, and Len (12), Evangeline (12), and Clara (6) as the backup singers and dancers. 

Foorin team E premiered the English version of the song during the ABU Song Festival in Tokyo to be held at NHK Hall. The new group is also set to perform alongside the original Foorin in the 70th annual Kohaku Uta Gassen year-end live music extravaganza.

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