Kanye West On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’: Watch

As part of his hectic Thursday night in NYC (Oct. 24), Kanye West stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! as a surprise guest to talk Jesus Is King, which looks to be somehow be delayed once again, dedicating his life to Jesus Christ, and even gave some real estate advice to a lottery winner as a person with over 12,500 acres of land across the country. (Host Jimmy Kimmel is currently in New York for one week of Brooklyn-based episodes.)

Jesus Is King was slated to drop at midnight Friday, but even after saying the project would be out on Kimmel, West at least took accountability and explained to fans on Twitter that he was still mixing a few songs. “We are specifically fixing mixes on ‘Everything We Need’ ‘Follow God’ & ‘Water,'”he wrote. “We not going to sleep until this album is out!”

Kimmel gave West props for motivating kids to go to church with his Sunday Service events. “I want to say that I love the fact that my daughter wants to go to church,” he said. “She has such a positive thought association with going to church because it’s outside of the traditional four walls and outside of the pews. Now that God has called me and I now have given my life to Jesus Christ and I work for God. Now we have Christian innovation in our time.”

Yeezy also shouted-out recent New York lottery winner David Johnson, who was in attendance in a Gucci jacket, but gave him a tip on where to really invest his new money. “So I invest in land in middle America. I have 12,500 acres of land in Wyoming right now,” the Chicago native explained. “So when we think about where we’re spending our money, I saw the Gucci jacket and I was like, ‘OK, that’s nice.’ When we present ourselves on TV we always have to show this luxury. I got a cheap-ass hoodie on and I’m a billionaire.” 

Look for a special performance on Friday night’s (Oct. 25) Kimmel, where Kanye is expected to perform music off Jesus Is King from NYC’s Oculus building. Watch the clip below. 

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