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How NPR Summit Educates, Inspires Tomorrow’s Fashion Unicorns

“Vulnerability is an incredible strength,” NPR’s Guy Raz recently told WWD.
The host of NPR’s How I Built This podcast — one of the 15 most-downloaded podcasts in the United States — Raz has interviewed innumerable executives across technology, fashion, beauty and other categories. And as he prepared for the second installment of How I Built This Summit in San Francisco, he reflected on the power of vulnerability and how it contributes to the Stitch Fixes, Glossiers and Rent the Runways of tomorrow.
“When leaders and founders can show vulnerability, and really surrender and just bear it all — the ups and downs, the good and the bad — it helps us not only understand the process that they went through,” he said, “but it actually contributes to a wider knowledge of what it takes to start a business.”
This mentality set the tone for the summit, whose theme this year is kindness and collaboration. In itself, that sets this business-oriented conference apart from most of its ilk. Another is the summit’s remarkable composition: Last year’s inaugural conference drew in more than 600 people. This year, the number jumped to nearly a 1,000 attendees. And most of them were not only women, but women

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