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How Morgane Sézalory’s Sézane Has Taken Over the Streets of Paris

PARIS — It was an unusual setting for an interview with a successful French fashion entrepreneur.
“My 5-year-old daughter celebrated her birthday this weekend and got this miniature farm,” said Morgane Sézalory, fiddling with a tiny tractor and chicken pen on the table of her children’s playroom, located on the first floor of her elaborately decorated home on the Left Bank of Paris.
Had the interview been with any other brand, it would have felt staged. But Sézalory is the founder of Sézane, a digital fashion firm that has made a niche out of niceness. Its subtly feminine creations — mostly wearable and unchallenging pieces such as vintage-looking knitted sweaters and sensibly heeled leather pumps — are showcased via positivity-fueled branding and communications as well as homey boutiques named L’Appartement, “the apartment” in French, where customers can hang out, read a book, try on a flowery dress and ultimately fall in love with Sézane’s air of accessibility.
Sézalory herself, who is soft-spoken and exudes warmth, posts feel-good mottos, family pictures, holiday snaps and inspiration images on her personal Instagram page, which counts 227,000 followers, and writes a first-person account of her brand’s history on its web site, ending the success story with the

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