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How Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Feel About Being Pitted Against Each Other

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle

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Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are not at war, but UK tabloids constantly suggesting they’re feuding and comparing them have had a real effect on the duchesses. People reports that the Kate vs. Meghan narrative is something the women have struggled with.

“What’s challenging is when they are pitted against each other,” the outlet’s source said. “That’s been challenging to both of them. Meghan has her life, Kate has hers.”

Multiple sources insisted that there’s no competitiveness between Kate and Meghan, although there is some between their husbands Prince William and Prince Harry.

“Meghan is very aware that Kate will be Queen; their roles are very clear,” People‘s source said, while also noting the two just don’t have that much in common. “Meghan doesn’t fit the mold, while Kate was groomed for this.” Meghan was a “fully formed person” when she joined the royal family, the source noted, whereas Kate got involved with William in college.

Both Kate and Meghan are prioritizing taking care of their children right now. Meghan is currently believed to be on a six-week break with Harry. The couple will spend their Christmas with Doria Ragland, their spokesperson announced this month, instead of with the Queen and the royal family. Meghan and Harry spent the last two years at Sandringham with the royals. The spokesperson noted the Queen approved of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s decision and that other royal family members have taken years off from the royal holiday festivities to be with their other sides of the family.

Kate and Meghan’s last joint appearance together where it was just the two of them was at Wimbledon in July. A source told then that they purposely showed a united front at the tennis match to debunk tabloid feud rumors. “Kate and Meghan had always planned to attend the final together,” the source said. “Not only is it something that they enjoy, it’s also a chance to remind people that the tabloid stories about their relationship have been wide of the mark.”

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