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God’s Pantry workers fill baskets, create 4,500 Thanksgiving dinners

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – “We’re just building some boxes to help out,” says James Dabney.

Shifts of 75 people rotated out all day to create 4,500 Thanksgiving baskets. (Photo: WKYT/Olivia Russell)

But what’s in the boxes? Thanksgiving classics.

“We’ve got cans of green beans, we’ve got stuffing mix, we’ve got brownie mix,” says CEO of God’s Pantry Food Bank Michael Halligan.

4,500 boxes are being prepared and donated for the Sharing Thanksgiving program, an event that God’s Pantry Food Bank hosts ever year so everyone can experience Thanksgiving.

“The whole idea behind Sharing Thanksgiving is to give people the chance to slow down in life a little bit, to be able to gather around a Thanksgiving dinner table and to have a chance to sit and relax a little bit with a Thanksgiving meal that we are all so fortunate to have available to us.”

The meals will go to pantries across eastern and central Kentucky. The food bank says it’s all possible because of the people who donate time and money, like James Dabney.

“It’s very important so they can feed their families,” says Dabney. “Have a nice, warm meal before the cold winter sets in.”

Dabney is one of 350 people packing boxes, which shows how much people can accomplish when they’re working together.

“One person can make a difference,” says Halligan. “Each of the shifts today are 75 people and you multiply the power of one times 75 people.”

The food bank says the hard work is worth it.

“The thing that’s so wonderful is the expressions that we see. Just the warmth of knowing that they now have a Thanksgiving meal is so powerful,” says Halligan.

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