Friends Props To Be Auctioned Off For Charity Benefitting LGBTQ+ Youth

Get your credit cards ready, Friends fans! In celebration of the hit sitcom’s 25th anniversary, Warner Bros. Television is teaming with Prop Store for an auction that’s sure to put memorabilia in the hands of those who love the show the most. And the best part? The proceeds from said auction will benefit a really amazing cause.

Per Prop Store’s website, the sale of some of the show’s most iconic collectibles will benefit The Trevor Project, a non-profit focused on crisis intervention and suicide prevention among LGBTQ+ youth. And bidding begins really soon! On December 3, which happens to be Giving Tuesday, Prop Store will allow diehard fans to go head-to-head for items spanning all 10 seasons, including a reproduction of the famous Central Perk couch, and yes, Ross’s ridiculous Holiday Armadillo Costume.

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“Prop Store is thrilled to be working with Warner Bros. to auction some incredible material from all 10 seasons of Friends,” Brandon Alinger, COO of Prop Store said in a statement, per Deadline‘s report. “The series gave us so many laughs during its original run and continues to entertain and inspire fans around the world. It’s an honor to be able to bring some amazing original pieces to the fans, such as Joey’s original Hugsy doll. We’re also happy to offer detailed studio-edition reproductions, including the Holiday Armadillo costume, Central Perk couch and ten copies of Monica’s peephole door frame, straight from the Warner Bros. Props department.”

But that’s not all that’s being offered. Fans can also place bids on the “Buffay the Vampire Layer” VHS tape, Monica and Chandler’s wedding invitation, a reproduction of the sunglasses-wearing turkey, Joey and Chandler’s canoe, and several of the main characters’ outfits. According to Prop Store, “Over 80 lots will be available for bidding online,” and furthermore, each item will come with a certificate of authenticity, so you know it’s legit.

Interested in owning a piece of Friends history? Then remember to pivot(!) from whatever you’re doing on December 3 to participate in the auction. Act fast, though, because bidding ends on December 17. Good luck!

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