Desiree Dawson’s ‘All In’: Listen

Up-and-coming indie folk artist Desirée Dawson is in love, and on her latest track, she wants to make sure that her lover knows it. 

On Friday (Nov. 22), Dawson released her latest single “All In,” a moving love ballad about that butterflies-in-your-stomach kind of brand new love. With a delicately plucked acoustic guitar line guiding the song from bar to bar, Dawson lends her enchanting vocals to spin the tale of her infatuation, before the song’s chorus pours in a chorus of voices declaring that the singer is “stalling, falling, calling, all in” on her relationship. The song’s lyric video (premiering below) paints that picture — literally, as two sketched-out lovers commune together after actually diving into their relationship.

In an interview with Billboard, Dawson says that the song was written shortly after she met her now-partner, and was dedicated to the “beautiful energy” she could feel from her every day. “t has been amazing to me how supported, loved and seen I can feel even during such a heavy hearted time and how vulnerability and being open has led us to some really beautiful places within ourselves and within our relationship,” she recalls.

The singer says that she has released love songs in the past, and audiences have assumed they were about “a cishet male,” so she went out of her way to make “All In” explicitly queer. “I think it’s important that others are reminded that there are other options then the hetero-normative narrative many of us are accustomed to.”

Dawson also reflects on the structure of the song, which marks a shift in her sound toward the more ethereal. With the help of producers Chin Injeti and Ashleigh Ball, the singer says she was finally able to achieve the dreamy sound she was trying to capture. “My whole life I’ve been so moved by harmonies and the power that vocals hold,” she says. “I have made a commitment to myself to showcase that in the upcoming music that I release into the world.”

Check out the lyric video for Dawson’s “All In” below:

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