Delta Heavy’s ‘Take Me Home’ Video: Exclusive

UK drum’n’bass duo Delta Heavy has a thing for animated music videos. The group’s 2015 single “Ghost” was paired with a digital adventure starring Microsoft’s helpful ’90s mascot Clippy. That was followed in 2016 by a colalboration for “White Flag” with former Pixar animator Najeeb Tarazi who created a pixelized sprite-style game story inspired by the epic poem Paradise Lost. 

Now, Delta Heavy are continuing the tradition with “Take Me Home,” an adorable feel-good romp they call “a three-minute epic to warm your heart.”

Created by Kun-I Chang and Shih-Wen Lin of Space Rabbit Studio, the video tells the story of two plush dolls living and falling in love inside an arcade claw machine. When only one of them is chosen as a prize, a terrific battle for togetherness ensues. The song’s relentless and energetic beat gives the action life, but will there be a happy ending?

“Take Me Home” is the latest single from Delta Heavy’s album Only In Dreams, released in March of this year.

Watch the ambitious animated adventure in the official music video below, realesed on early exclusive to Billboard Dance.

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