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Daniel Corrigan, Cofounder and Co-Creative Director of Simon Miller, Steps Down

Daniel Corrigan, cofounder and co-creative director of Simon Miller, the Los Angeles-based women’s and men’s sportswear and accessories firm, is leaving the company, effective Nov. 15.
Corrigan has been co-creative director with Chelsea Hansford, who will run the business and become the sole creative director.
“I’m really excited about it. We’re taking on a strategic partner who has experience in the fashion industry to help scale the business,” Corrigan said. He declined to divulge who the partner was, but explained that as the business has been growing, it’s been more focused on the women’s side and accessories.
“I saw an opportunity for me to step aside. I cofounded this company 10 years ago, and I personally realized I wanted to approach clothing differently – less seasonal, less trend based and more focused on a specific product. The way the industry is going, my passion being denim and sustainability, it’s really hard to do that when you have with so many product categories,” Corrigan said.
He said his next project will be focused on one specific category such as denim, and being the largest contributor of waste in the industry, he’d like to address those issues.
He explained that Hansford has been the driving force of

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