Chief Keef to Host Mortal Kombat Tournament in Long Beach

The pop-up invitational from Thunder Gaming will be streamed on Twitch available in VR.

Finish him! 

Chief Keef is ready to throw down some brutal fatality finishers during a pop-up invitational for the enduringly gruesome fight franchise Mortal Kombat from Warner Bros, now on its 11th edition for major gaming systems. Keef will be in Long Beach, California, on Dec. 13 to present the “BANG – Mortal Kombat,” a pop-up invitational at Thunder Gaming Studios to compete with fellow gamers in a six-on-six crew battle in Mortal Kombat 11. The event will be streamed live on Thunder Gaming’s Twitch channel and in stereoscopic VR through Live Planet. 

“We are excited to team up with Chief Keef and many of his celebrity friends in a fun, competitive way that is designed to introduce their followers and friends to gaming,” says Andrew Kennedy, chief marketing officer at Thunder Gaming. 

In addition, there will be a free-play area that includes competitive two-on-two Call of Duty Modern Warfare featuring Keef’s Glo Navy Members, which will also reveal their new uniforms during the event. Throughout the event, gamers and spectators can visit a pop-up beer garden or food trucks.

Thunder Gaming is located at 20434 S. Santa Fe Ave. in Long Beach. Competitors can register for $65 and spectators can register for $35 at

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