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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


This week, you can ease off the throttle at work, Cap—which you never expected to come as such a huge relief! For the past month, you may have been burning the midnight oil in an attempt to get an important project out the door, and by Wednesday, October 23, you should be able to say, “Finished!” You’ll be more than ready to have fun again once the Sun leaves Libra and your career-driven sector and relocates to Scorpio and your upbeat, outgoing eleventh house of social networking for the next four weeks. At first, you may have a tough time leaving the office at a normal time or not bringing work home with you, but very quickly, you’ll get back into the groove of joining your colleagues for happy hour, chilling with friends and devoting chunks of quality time to bae—or getting serious about your dating efforts. But you won’t have time for one-on-one hangs with everyone, so you’ll have to be discriminating about who gets prime Capricorn time! Don’t feel guilty: There’s only so much of you to go around and, TBH, not everyone deserves an all-access pass to your personal life. Since the eleventh house can call out your (seldom-seen) unconventional—and techie—side, if that’s something you’d like to develop more, connect with visionaries, innovators and activists in your chosen areas. This is also a good time to spread your wings into less familiar territory, perhaps by checking out some hot DJs, shamans who lead journeys and edgy movement classes. You don’t have to stay if you’re not feeling it, but how will you know if you don’t give it a shot?

If you did wrap up that big work initiative during the week, don’t let anyone rope you into “one last thing” this weekend, Cap. Your gale-force work ethic is a blessing (to everyone who benefits from your labors), but it can also be something of a curse—when you don’t have it in you to say no. With impassioned Mars in your professional realm, there’s still a piece of your psyche (or ego) that’s caught up in this thing. You may be torn between letting it go and sticking around for one more look-see. But on Sunday, when your ruler, boundary-enforcing Saturn, in your sign clashes with the action planet, you may force yourself to step away for once and for all. And before you dive into another all-consuming project, take the time to play, explore and reconnect to your peeps. They miss you!

The picture will start to become clearer under Sunday’s new moon in Scorpio and your eleventh house of social networking. It’s your moment to reclaim your place among your crew and catch up on everything you’ve missed while you were burning the candle at both ends. If you’ve been dealing with a personal issue, pour your heart out to a chosen few; the ones who always know how to console and inspire you. And if you’ve been quietly cooking up a plan for a collaborative project, feel people out one by one. Over the coming weeks, you could assemble your dream team—who share your goals and fill in any skill or talent gaps you might have. United you soar!

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