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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


Scratch the last of your wanderlust itches by Wednesday, October 23, Water Bearer, because you’re going to be needed on a high-profile project that could put your name on the map—in neon! After four weeks of jet-setting around the planet (or maybe just some artsy emerging ‘hoods), the Sun packs up its gear, leaves your adventurous ninth house and settles down in your ambitious, career-driven tenth. During this next cycle, as el Sol marches through Scorpio and your professional zone until November 21, you can undertake—or wrap up—some work that can stick a feather in your cap AND net you some big bucks that will come in very handy for the holidays. This is your annual time to burn the midnight oil—and promote your efforts. It’s not about letting your ego run the show; it’s about getting the news of your important work and services out to the very people who can benefit from them. Not feeling 100 percent confident in your abilities? Hire a mentor or coach to get you up to speed. If you need any specialized training, see if the company will pay for it, and if not, think of the cost as an investment in your future earnings. And while you’re setting some lofty new goals, remember: They don’t just have to involve work. The tenth house also rules your reputation, and men in general. If you’ve got some forgiving to do with an important male in your life, start thinking about how to go about this. Or maybe one of them would be the perfect person to help you with a project or make an introduction. Don’t stand on ceremony; just ask!

This weekend, keep your skeptical antennae attuned for a proposal that sounds too good to be true. With passionate Mars in trusting Libra and your open-minded ninth house, you may be a little too trusting. Fortunately, a tough nudge from taskmaster Saturn in grounded Capricorn whispers really good questions into your earpiece. If this opportunity is solid, it won’t “vanish” in the next 24 hours (so beware that hard-sales tactic). Nor will a legit person hesitate to give you ample information to run background checks. Your inner knowing is clear about this, Aquarius—but you might still be a little vulnerable about something that’s dear to you. If that’s the case, bring this to an analytical friend who won’t let you fall for a snake-oil-salesman’s bogus claims.

Before your weekend wraps and you shift back into “working stiff” mode, spend some time Sunday night setting new professional intentions for the coming six months. Under the year’s only new moon in Scorpio, your ambitious tenth house gets electrified and your mental wheels start cranking. To achieve the success you desire, you need a clear vision for where you’d like to be by the corresponding Scorpio full moon on May 7, 2020. Your team-spirited sign understands that it’s all about who you know, so plan to work those connections and strengthen the ties that bind!

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