Alicia Keys Winks At Nostalgia In Skate-Tastic ‘Time Machine’ Video

Alicia Keys‘s “Time Machine” is an enchanting and important new song from the legendary singer that makes it clear that getting lost in the past just hinders your future. We’re all obsessed with our youth, so this sentiment is endearing and delivered in such a calming fashion that it washes over you in waves of truth thanks to Keys’s gauzy voice. She’s released the video for it too that takes a slightly different approach; it welcomes the past in a visual that’s about just having fun, regardless of when it is.

“Time Machine” is inherently funky so it makes sense that it would take place in a roller-skating rink (Los Angeles’s World On Wheels)– the definition of funk. Keys and a group of friends including rapper Tierra Whack get on the floor and show off their skills. The hints at nostalgia really come from their old school outfits and hairstyles, particularly Keys’s classic braid and 80s-ish breakdancing jacket.

After showing off just how good at skating they are,  it’s revealed that all of it has been a dream when Whack’s character walks up to Keys who is revealed to have been sleeping at the register where she hands out skates. It’s a great last-second chuckle to wrap the feel-good clip up on.

Keys released “Show Me Love” with Miguel in September, then released the remix with 21 Savage earlier this month. Her last studio album, Here, came out in 2016. On January 26, she will host the 62 Annual Grammy Awards.

Take a look at “Time Machine” up above.

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