2 CEOs on the Future of Digital Health

Happy Monday, readers! I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Fortune‘s 2019 Global Forum began on Monday in Paris. I encourage readers to catch up on the panels, one-on-one interviews, and conversations with some of the most consequential figures in business and government.

On the health care front, here’s what I found intriguing: A back-and-forth between GE Healthcare CEO Kieran Murphy and Dassault Systèmes chief executive Bernard Charlès on the future of digital health.

These two high-flying chief executives are trying to turn the stuff of science fiction into medical reality. For instance, Dassault’s Charlès says his company aims to create a “virtual twin of a human.” That includes simulating human hearts and brains before having to perform procedures (and to assist in drug development).

Murphy and GE Healthcare—which has invested heavily in A.I. and machine learning in order to streamline medical services—have developed technologies to detect a lung collapse from an X-ray and make it a top priority for physicians or technicians.

More on this panel here. Read on for the day’s news.

Sy Mukherjee

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